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  1. JuThijGamesYT

    [The Other Foot Bug v0.2131] Randomly Ended Up With Defeat Screen.

    I was just playing The Other Foot a few minutes ago, trying medium difficulty, when suddenly Tiger Beetles appeared, so I was sending my army. But I don't think the level liked that xD. This happened at the end of the 2nd formicarium challenge, when the Tiger Beetles invade. My queen was still...
  2. JuThijGamesYT

    Extra Level Idea II

    Yeah. Something like it. Because my first idea was probably to hard to make because of the AI colony from Baby Sitting that would play a rol in the level, this might be more convenient. But maybe a different map would be nice.
  3. JuThijGamesYT

    Extra Level Idea II

    Maybe something like you live down the mountain but high tide is coming, so you have to defeat the ant colony on the mountain so you dont flood.
  4. JuThijGamesYT

    Monthly Level Idea: Old Ideas

    Omg that would be so cool!!!
  5. JuThijGamesYT

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Soldiers

    But fire ants have huge majors right? Or are those biggest fire ants the majors?
  6. JuThijGamesYT

    Extremis Bug

    Idk if someone already posted this bug - or if this is how it should be - , but I couldn't find it here, so here we go: I saw a video from Man Of The Antz and a livestream from Dad's Gaming Addiction, and so I spotted the bug. In Extremis, the first wave doesn't spawn. Here I saw it at the...
  7. JuThijGamesYT

    Extra Level idea

    A mix with Baby Sitting and Queen Of The Hill. For example you have to survive 4 days like in QOTH but with an allied colony.
  8. JuThijGamesYT

    [Suggestion Extra Level]: Hunted

    An idea for an extra level Story: 100 meters away of the nest the most wood ants where searching food for the hungry colony, but it turned out in a disaster. An army of large Tiger Beetles came out of nowhere. They killed all the wood in the area. The colony has now only a few ants left. But the...