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    Black ant changes

    black ants are essentially the tutorial ants & so being simple allows you to focus on learning the game rit large. I get that there is a sunk cost with your persistent colony but as I remember there is a point in which you have a chance half way thought to restart your colony where in you are...
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    large creature balance suggestion

    So there has been a recurring issue in the cold blood level. Being that there's often several toads occupying the same space at once & given that they have a potent AOE attack, whose cool-down timer is effectively broken by virtue of having several toads able to attack the same group of ants...
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    Another ant suggestion

    Fair enough, only there could be a timed reward where food becomes higher value the longer you leave it in the storage ant also maybe storage ants can only be placed on a certain natural tile type meaning you would have to defend your queen and your food in 2 separate locations. Also they look...
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    Another ant suggestion

    Hi guys love your work BTW, the leaf cutter mechanic is chef's kiss. On that note another ant that could have some interesting gameplay features is the honeypot ant. Thinking hoard type hold out level or stealth level where resources are severely...