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  1. Raptorr575

    Hello from Kansas USA

  2. Raptorr575

    I wrote a review about EotU

    Welcome !
  3. Raptorr575

    The Friendly Spider

    It depends on the situation xD
  4. Raptorr575

    The Friendly Spider

    This is the last time I get emotionally attached to a spider. It never ends well.
  5. Raptorr575

    The Friendly Spider

    What ? I have to kill Patricia ? But she’s my best friend :(
  6. Raptorr575

    Hours Played

    241 hours for me
  7. Raptorr575

    The future of the black ants

    I have a question that has been on my mind for a while, with the arrival of the fire ants, won't the black ants become a bit useless in battle ?
  8. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - AI Freeplay vs AI Freeplay!

    I can't wait to play against my "formica sumpremis". X)
  9. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - AI Freeplay vs AI Freeplay!

    "Daniel7Sly’s Colony" ? We'll have custom colonies ?
  10. Raptorr575

    The Friendly Spider

    Oh, you too ? I named mine "Patricia". I really like that spider.
  11. Raptorr575

    The Other Foot - Discussion

    I confess I had a lot of fun x) I hope for more levels like this in the future. But the main colony looks too weak xD
  12. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Titan Climbing

    I think they'll avoid climbing, I don't see how an ant attacking from distance can have an advantage by climbing on an enemy.
  13. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Attacks

    So these ants will be able to build bridges and climb up on larger creatures to sting them? I needed those ants without knowing it.
  14. Raptorr575

    Aggrandise - Giant Whip Spider is killing queen unprovoked

    Just avoid any interaction with the giant whip spider and he won't be a threat (maybe an ant got too close and made it aggressive).
  15. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Soldiers

    In this case the victory will be determined by the number of ants x).
  16. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Soldiers

    Can't wait to see it!
  17. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Soldiers

    They are beautiful, you can even see the sting (I like this kind of details) I have a question for those of you who know these ants well : What kind of ants can pose a threat to fire ants ?
  18. Raptorr575

    Eciton burchellii - Odontomachus bauri - Sanguinea

    Hello (and welcome), for trapjaw ants, army ants and slave ants nothing is planned for the moment (especially army ants who have a nomadic lifestyle so it will be difficult to include them in freeplay) and the ants that run out to catch fish are wood ants.