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  1. A cool guy

    Weaver ants for the next tier maybe?

    Interesting idea, but that would mean a lot more work for the devs, so even if it could be implemented, we would have a long wait ahead of us
  2. A cool guy

    [Bug] 0.2131 Wood ant mortar firing particle bugging at low performance?

    Were you lagging at the time? From the video it didn't look like you were, but I had a lag spike once due to the massive amounts of ants and I noticed this too. It only lasted a second or two for me.
  3. A cool guy

    Screenshot Saturday (Community Contributions) - The Surveying Spider

    Gotta give it to these guys for taking these screenshots, I can't get any good ones because nothing interesting happens in my games.
  4. A cool guy

    Screenshot Saturday - First Brood of the Fire Ants

    Lol. I suppose what TheRexYo meant was for ants to have venom damage. Maybe you already know and you're just making a joke.
  5. A cool guy

    [Achievement Idea] Formicarium mission 2.1 "de-ranged"

    Guess which achievement I'm not getting...
  6. A cool guy

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Bridges WIP

    Wow. Magnificent looking bridge. The only thing I have to say is that judging from the screenshot, in order to form a raft you need a lot of fire ants in the first place already, and not all of the fire ants can make it back. I'm hoping that we have a very good reason to cross the water. :p...
  7. A cool guy

    Just a question

    Thank you!
  8. A cool guy

    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Soldiers

    Sounds great! Are there going to be side affects after the enemies have been stung?
  9. A cool guy

    Just a question

    Hello! It's been such a long time since I played this game after my last computer broke down. I logged back into my steam account to re-download the game, but after I started it, I realized that all of my progress disappeared. Is that a game mechanic or is it like this for every game on steam...
  10. A cool guy

    Some toughts about upgrading your ants

    I'm not sure what level your talking about xD. Formica sanguinia is level 1.2, while mortars are in 2.1 and 2.2 xD:confused:
  11. A cool guy

    Funny Bug - Ant tries to put leafs in enemy colony in 3.1

    Maybe your worker is trying to make a peace treaty between the colonies by presenting them... a leaf... xD That is one funny bug.(Pun unintended)
  12. A cool guy

    Matabele Ants + Level Suggestion

    Wow! There really are ant specialist playing this game! I didn't even know this type of ant had existed until now! Very good idea, but what would the objective be? Kill the other nest(s)? Survive for a period of time?:)
  13. A cool guy

    Idea for levels 4:1 and 4:2!

    Holy ****! That's longer that my ruler xD
  14. A cool guy

    More antspecies and ideas to imprement them

    I guess all living creatures are intelligent in their own ways. ;)
  15. A cool guy

    More antspecies and ideas to imprement them

    Wow! I've heard of this species and looked at them capturing small insects, but I never knew that they are intelligent! Maybe instead of being those ants, they should be the enemy (ooooo... a level in Australia :D) because it'll be hard to make them strike from the behind. Or maybe slug disco...
  16. A cool guy

    3.X Insane Strategy Development

    I prefer using Stun for both levels. When I use taunt, my majors die off very quickly, thus costing me a ton of food. The only tip I can give is that never, ever spam major tiles, because that is a waste of money, and not effective at all against army ants. The maximum is probably 15. Spam more...
  17. A cool guy

    Some bugs w/ leafcutter brood chambers

    OMG, that is so weird! I never noticed that before! I don't usually up my leaf cutters because, except for the majors, there isn't much difference between the tiers.
  18. A cool guy

    The Leafcutter Update - Out Now!

    Rayalot, me too! Subjugation was kind of hard because there isn't a very clear order in which the enemy ants appear, so you could've opened up spider nests right before the countdown for the raid. But I can do that on insane now, because that was like 6 months of practice xD.
  19. A cool guy

    The Leafcutter Update - Out Now!

    OMG. I am so unlucky. MY STUPID COMPUTER BROKE THE DAY BEFORE UPDATE. So sorry that I couldn't enjoy the update, but I did see Balanite play again. How does he beat the levels on insane so easily? xD Anyways, thank you for the update. :D