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  1. fazekas kristóf

    A suggestion

    haha yes
  2. fazekas kristóf

    A suggestion

    When there is no food in our nest, the allied nest would bring food.
  3. fazekas kristóf

    A question

    I would like to ask that if there are no steames in the game then how should it be updated?
  4. fazekas kristóf

    Do anywhere exit idea from the nest

    The idea is that there will be an icon where you can dig out the way out (you can choose to dig it out with a food storage icon and you can dig more)
  5. fazekas kristóf

    A mistake

  6. fazekas kristóf

    New formicarium 2 idea

    Thank you
  7. fazekas kristóf

    A mistake

    In Free Play, I can't go into one of the enemy nests
  8. fazekas kristóf

    What do y'all think about Antscanada discovering a new ant species?

    and I really wrote that "this ant species is included in the antscanada"
  9. fazekas kristóf

    New formicarium 2 idea

    Here you have to be a Genethief with ants. There will be 6 levels. This formicarium 4 is like the formicarium. Genethief queen ants: Asian maraduer ants (Cerebara diversa), Big-headed ants (Pheidole tepicana), and Tropical fire ants (Solenopsis geminata). How big and what it looks like you will...
  10. fazekas kristóf

    Counterpart colony ants separated

    It would be nice to have a separate army ant, trap jaw ant, slave-maker ant
  11. fazekas kristóf

    A small idea

    Eat the enemy queen
  12. fazekas kristóf

    Whip spider mod

    This is the whip spider level, like a spider.Here you have to be a whip spider. To begin with, you should start with one level. Abilities: bite, punch, poisonous bite, eating. When you are level thirty or so you will be a huge whip spider (you can progress to a bigger one). The task is to defeat...
  13. fazekas kristóf

    Extra mode "Maraduers"

    Oh thanks
  14. fazekas kristóf

    Extra mode "Maraduers"

    You have to be here with Asian maraduer ants(Cerebara diversa). Asian maraduer ants have workers, soldiers and majors. The queen is the size of the leafcutter ant queen, the worker is the size of the average worker, the soldier is bigger than the leafcutter ant soldier, the major is bigger than...
  15. fazekas kristóf

    Multiplayer gameplay idea

    The multiplayer gameplay: they can join with code and play together
  16. fazekas kristóf

    Hello from Florida

  17. fazekas kristóf

    A big question

    I understood,I do not write stupidity and I dont spam