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  1. person111

    What do y'all think about Antscanada discovering a new ant species?

    I’d say it’s definately an achievement but like you pointed out it is slightly clickbait
  2. person111

    Segmented creatures

    Also some mechanics could be evolution through the presence of other types of fish? Like if a predator goes for too long without any signs of preys they develop some type of segments that help them process vegetables and then they switch their diets, or when prey is not in the presence of...
  3. person111

    The surface

    Yeah, my PC turns into a plane engine when I spawn in a batch of creatures, also don’t insects eat the whole seed and not just swallow it? I guess the insects can be food themselves
  4. person111

    Ecosystem - Entering Early Access March 16th! Trailer + Beta News

    They’d either grow big brains and stare at you when you open the screen or crash the game
  5. person111

    The surface

    I don’t really know the system that is currently being used in the game right now, wether it is primarily focused on a vertical or horizontall map, since even adding 1 small surface island on an horizontal map would also kill the performance, maybe not as bad as spawning tons. And for the seed...
  6. person111

    What are your guys views on Termite battle tactics

    I noticed that the Termites, specifically when dealing with ants, use a different tactic than ants do. They have unique warnings and seem to not rely on the swarming tactic used by ants, they just form a horizontal line and strike, considering the number of ants in an ant swarm or ant colony...
  7. person111

    Close proximity extra level idea

  8. person111

    You’re an ant gamergate, bad pun

    You’re an ant gamergate, bad pun
  9. person111

    Close proximity extra level idea

    Yeah but he said control the pheromones to make them kill each other, something kinda doesn’t add up, he said “ control the colonies pheromones to set the pheromones to kill each other
  10. person111

    (Hiliarious) Extra level suggestion: Sword fighting

    They could just not add another who,e new leaf type and just disable the mechanics of the leaf drop when encounter an enemy and increase the damage when the ant carries the leaf, it will be less complex, and you only need to tweak some stats
  11. person111

    A fun extra mode

    So I heard that there are some rove beetles or beetles that live within ant colonies and grip onto the ants, so maybethere could be a gamemode where they have to survive a certain amount of time by going around and hanging around ants, getting their pheromone, which makes you not get attacked...
  12. person111

    Close proximity extra level idea

    So you’re metaphorically playing chess against yourself?
  13. person111

    An interesting boardgame

    The rules seems really interesting, and I like the hex mechanics of the board game. And the Evolution cards that replace the starter primitive heads and abdomens is quite unique. Good one
  14. person111

    youtube channels

    Yeah he isn't, also Blitz has played this game but not as much as Baron, and I think only BaronVonGames went through the whole Campaign.
  15. person111

    Screenshot Saturday - The Great Blue Skimmer

    Do ants also kill these Skimmers in the real world?
  16. person111

    Mine is “Babysitting” and “The other foot“.

    Mine is “Babysitting” and “The other foot“.
  17. person111

    Thread for Si-Fi Music

    It sounds like one of those songs with, I don’t know how to say this, one of those songs with an heroic/strong stance I guess.
  18. person111

    Corona Virus - VERY IMPORTANT!

    Okay, I’m just gonna clear things up for people who say this is an example of “survival of the fittest”. First off, no, it is more of a survival of the good enough, or lucky enough. Because, even if your body has cleared all of the Covid-19 viruses, there is still a high possibility that other...