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    Swim bladders?

    I've just encountered a creature that genuinely resembles a fish and it made me realize something: They kind of swim like fish with a swim bladder disease. I have had a number of creatures that would have been practically graceful if it weren't for their complete inability to stay upright so I'm...
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    Creatures evolving to break the game?

    I suppose if you've only got two muscles you want to be really sure that you're using them properly! XD
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    One of Ecosystems inspirations

    I've always been fascinated with Karl Sims' work, it's great to be able to mess around with something similar on my own computer!
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    Creatures evolving to break the game?

    I can't upload it to the forum sadly, how can I send it to you? Interestingly, I have 3 iterations of it saved. The first is 8kb, the second is 100kb and the third, which is the one that breaks my game (it even starts to lag just selecting it in the menu!) is 428kb! Considering it barely changed...
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    It's really impressive how quickly they get to a point where they can move after that initial burst of randomness to start with, but even after things settle down it can be really fascinating to see how things change over time. I've been setting them up with a nursery and breeding ground in one...
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    Filter Feeders

    Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but is there a functional difference between filter feeders and foragers aside from having a more restricted diet?
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    I would love this. I'm finding myself wanting to set up experiments and having to run things half complete for awhile until I unlock more nutrition and having terraforming cost the same points that it costs to generate life feels unnecessarily limiting at the start.
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    Creatures evolving to break the game?

    Since i got the game I've been leaving it running overnight to see what the simulation gives me. Yesterday I woke up to find the game running at <1 fps, thinking that maybe there's a memory leak or something I (eventually) saved the best specimen and restarted the game but when I loaded it back...
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    Adding audio/music option

    Agreed, this was the first thing I tried to do when I started playing! In the mean time, you can use the volume mixer in windows to mute the app if you're like me and want to leave the simulation running in the background. :)