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  1. pakitane16

    Some ideas for Army ant side mission

    Army ant side mission: EXCUSE US Objectives: - kill 3 uber creatures (mantis, cricket and whip spider) - bring 500 media army ants to the exit Your colony: - You cannot access your underground colony. The underground is already dug out. Ants will come out of the nest from the entance like...
  2. pakitane16

    Some freeplay map ideas

    1. The Crucibles: Based on The Crucible demo mission. The colonies are on separated islands which they must go all the way around to attack each other. Each colony has access to the smae number of landmarks. Lowest section may be periodly flooded. Creatures will spawn from the lowest level and...
  3. pakitane16

    Kurzgesagt video on Weaver ants

    Too bad their nest system is way too different to be implemented in the game. They can be roaming enemies with the ability to rip apart enemy though.
  4. pakitane16

    The World War of Ants - Part 2

    New Kurzgesagt videos about argentine ants invasion.
  5. pakitane16

    How far can you go in free play with waves

    Youtube just showed me this video. This guy reached wave 50, which I didn't even think possible. It took him the entire between-wave time to kill one wave lol:
  6. pakitane16

    Tiger beetle larvae stuck on the ground

    In campaign, after grabbing an ant, tiger beetle larvae sometimes gets stuck on the ground and cannot retreat to its hole or moving at all (about 1/10 chances). It become sniping target after that. This only happen to non-attacking worker, never happen to any soldier caste or enemy. Is it normal?
  7. pakitane16

    Enemy ants in Free Play

    For now, the only enemy ants in free play are roaming trapjaw ants and fish-eating wood ants that spawn near the fish. I guess we don't have more ants because of performance issue, my computer is kinda bad but at lower graphic it can still handle like 350 creatures. I usually have about 100-150...
  8. pakitane16

    Creatures tier list

    EDIT: This is just fun stuff following the tier trend. Assuming trapjaw is 80 food (same hp but higher attack than leafcutter media) and major army ant is 120 food (2/3 of leafcutter major stat). The ratio between meelee:shooter and major:media ratio is 4:5 for balance between offense and...
  9. pakitane16

    New creature spoiler in twitch stream a few days ago

    This is velvet worm. In real life, they spray sticky goo to paralyze enemy.
  10. pakitane16

    Suggestion for a fruit garden level

    I once visited my friend’s fruit garden and I am really impressed with how diverse the critters are, so I would like to see your take on this setting. The map is a fruit garden during near harvest season in Southeast Asia. Your nest is newly establish in a half dead banana tree, which is...
  11. pakitane16

    Wiki Suggestion

    I suggest a small wiki section about stats, abilities and upgrades for now. Other in real life information, ingame ideas, pictures can come later when the game is done. For examples, - Wood ant section will have: stats including HP, damage, attacking speed, walking speed, amount of food that can...
  12. pakitane16

    How to beat Demo Leaf Cutter Mission?

    Just make this thread to discuss about the demo mission Basically, the mission includes: - Build Storage and Refuse Tile - Build 7 Minors and Medias, you can't build Major - Gather 2000 leaves and kill 66 Rove Beetles I have a group of 12 lv1, a group of 18 lv1, 6 lv2 medias, 7 minors, smaller...