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  1. JohnSlugDisco

    0.23 New Extra Levels and Improvements

    Apart from 4 new levels set to roll out over the next few months (thank you to everyone who’s been helping test and balance them) the main bulk of this update is under-the-hood changes. To deal with a persistent problem experienced by a number of laptop users, we’ve accelerated plans to upgrade...
  2. JohnSlugDisco

    Optional Beta v0.22035 - New freeplay map! Marker changes.

    EDIT: Hotfix 0.220351 Thanks to everyone who has reported issues, this has allowed us to get to the bottom of them quickly! Some issues remain however the worst ones have been solved. Fixed a crash that would occur every time a save happened (such as starting a story colony or playing a story...
  3. JohnSlugDisco

    [Feedback Request] Unit Balance

    With the next beta patch I would like to run a unit balance pass. I am already going to make changes to leafcutter media and army ant media however I was wondering if people felt strongly about other units. Additionally what do you think would improve them (including the two mentioned above)?
  4. JohnSlugDisco

    Has anyone else spotted this happen? 2.2 water killing ants coming out of the enemy nest

    This was reported on steam but I could not replicate it in the editor. Anyone else had this issue?
  5. JohnSlugDisco

    Beta Test - 0.2114 - The Story is Back!

    Firstly, we have renamed “Formicarium” to “Story” as we feel it points better to where a player should start. Some content and settings have been added to the story. Additionally, there are a load of fixes added, some projectile optimisations and some substantial balance changes to ubers and AOE...
  6. JohnSlugDisco

    Beta Test - 0.21131 - Some emergency fixes

    Some additional optimisations in creature scanning Wood ants will no longer target allied colonies Fixed a crash that could happen with loaded freeplay games (and harvestman legs) Fixed an issue that could cause abilities not to trigger Fixed an issue that reduced wood ant range dramatically and...
  7. JohnSlugDisco

    Beta Testing - 0.2113 - A bit of everything!

    Some freeplay balance, some monthly level fixes and improvements, some optimisations, some other fixes… A bit of everything! General and Extra level fixes and balance changes Fixed an issue where a picked up creature would kill the creature picking it up and would cause it yo be locked in an...
  8. JohnSlugDisco

    A very honest post!

    Twas the before Christmas eve. You may have seen in recent live streams that I have been working on a Christmas level for the game along the lines of the spider level for Halloween. You may also know that we have been rebuilding the movement code to allow us to get more ants out of the engine...
  9. JohnSlugDisco

    Achievement Ideas

    So today on stream those who joined me on twitch came up with a lot of good idea for achievements. I wanted to continue the discussion here in case there are some more good ideas out there that were missed. I will keep adding to this post as new idea come up and eventually we will have a...
  10. JohnSlugDisco

    Update 0.2023 - Fixes and Languages (couple of minor features)

    This is mostly a bug fix patch (should be the last before the freeplay update barring game breaking bugs) but also includes the final support for simplified Chinese and a couple of minor features. As always do let us know if you find any bugs and we will continue to squash them as they come in...
  11. JohnSlugDisco

    Request for help with a few bugs!

    There are a few bugs which I have been unable to replicate and therefore unable to solve. If anyone knows how you can replicate any of the following please let me know, or has had it happen to them and has any information about when it happened. 1 - Ants carrying multiple food items This one...
  12. JohnSlugDisco

    Ideas for a new Freeplay map?

    So with the leafcutter update released we are bug fixing and and improving small aspects of that this week. Hopefully next week we can start to look at freeplay. Initially we will be adding the leafcutters to freeplay, new ubers, new landmarks, tiered enemies (enemies get stat boosts later on...
  13. JohnSlugDisco

    A new demo!

    We have released a new demo for the game! Currently it is only on IndieDB and for windows. It includes a new demo level that is not currently in the game so even if you have the game you may want to check it out...
  14. JohnSlugDisco

    The update is coming!

    Just though I would give you an idea what we are up to on a day like today. Last night before starting the final package I played the entire game to make sure nothing too major was broken. That ended quite late so I set the package going satisfied and went to bed. This morning I begin the...
  15. JohnSlugDisco

    Update 0.2 - The Leafcutter Update - Coming April 25th

    Please note this update will release on April 25th! Headline Features New Formicarium Tier Added New playable species - The Leafcutters Featuring 4 sizes of ant (minims, minors, media and major) which can walk under / over one another Major leafcutters are tank units with very high health...
  16. JohnSlugDisco

    What were we up to in Feb / March?

    I have been going through the commits to pull a few things out to highlight however there are so many I stopped part way as it was taking too long and we are getting very close now! But here is what we have been up to most recently: John Fixed some bugs to do with creature abilities casting...
  17. JohnSlugDisco

    What were we up to in January?

    As another month ends here is a breakdown of some of the things we have worked on in January. This is just a summary to give a taste for what has been going on taken from the source control commits we have made. John Pickup and harvest locations of food made more central Changed the way ramps...
  18. JohnSlugDisco

    Bug Fix Patch 0.1352 + Hotfix 0.1353

    In this patch we have hunted down a bug that is crashing the game on Queen of the Hill. We thought we had it solved in the last patch but people were still reporting it. Thanks to our great community we have finally found it and interestingly it was to do with the ramp and ants falling through...
  19. JohnSlugDisco

    What were we up to in December?

    Thought I would mention briefly what we are up to at the moment. As we develop we send commits to the source control each with comments. These comments give some insight on what is being worked on. Having a look back over the Christmas holidays here is a summary of what has happened: John Made...
  20. JohnSlugDisco

    New Forum!

    Hello All! We have both moved the forum and upgraded it at the same time! There is still more work to be done around here but you should find this forum more fully featured than the last one! Update your links to The entirety of the old forum has been moved here but there...