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  1. MedinBurnic

    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    Agreed! Besides from the “minor inconvenience” I had while playing, it is now my personal favorite. Quick Edit: Almost forgot, the beetles sticking out of the ground is most likely from me speeding up the game with cheat engine. Eotu was not designed to have fast-forward options. ; I just...
  2. MedinBurnic


    Checked it out, it's cool. While the forum probably won't drive much traffic into the game, I still want the developer to flourish fine. Official website is here : It's only a development version though, I recommend playing on Firefox since when I last played a few weeks ago...
  3. MedinBurnic

    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    Yep! 4k monitor! It's basically anti-aliasing. 4k monitors give a more beautiful game experience. However, with this 4k stuff, the performance can decrease badly depending on the game. No need, but just thought I would mention it. Little example: This is 1080p and 1440p on a game called “Metro...
  4. MedinBurnic

    Screenshot Saturday - Eastern Newt

    The surface levels haven't been revealed, so it was probably here because of that. This doesn't really prove that it will “spawn” here, though. I'll let the developers chime in if they don't mind!
  5. MedinBurnic

    [Suggestion] - Delete Save Files

    Had to re-upload due to me pressing Ecosystem, sorry! You can't delete save files, the only way from my understanding is to start a new game with all slots filled, and then you can only delete one but not the rest. I for some reason like to keep my save files organized, and I would like to...
  6. MedinBurnic

    queen moving (read before saying anything)

    Mike just said due to simplicity… Oh, and when she is getting eaten alive, you sure she can walk away? Those creatures such as the tiger beetles, good luck with that. Queen movement is only on special levels and plus, the scenes with queen movement currently don't actually use the underground...
  7. MedinBurnic

    Free play mode idea

    I am confused, on the “Victory Condition Setup” screen, we can pick “none” please specify what you mean in greater detail because we can clearly turn it off.
  8. MedinBurnic

    Who is the oldest "member" of Slug Disco outside of the devs?

    Hmmm, if a group of friends came together, maybe thought of it together?
  9. MedinBurnic

    Who is the oldest "member" of Slug Disco outside of the devs?

    We don't have any available tools, but here is the oldest post I could find:
  10. MedinBurnic

    Camera bug after the new update

    I'll end this here but feel free to chime in, not sure about this graphic one if it is just the gamma, color, or whatever.
  11. MedinBurnic

    Camera bug after the new update

    Out of two pictures, does your game look like on high graphics or almost high as shown on the pictures? It looks like the video was recorded on max settings but, when you go into settings, they aren't maxed. - 0:46
  12. MedinBurnic

    Camera bug after the new update

    I may not have been specific enough, this is what I mean. --Set on almost max graphics, as shown in your video. Max graphics, compare the two temples. Notice the difference? — I don't exactly understand what you mean by you “don't see the difference” while here, it seems pretty clear in...
  13. MedinBurnic

    Camera bug after the new update

    The settings are completely messed up. At 0:49, what is with the key bindings? Those don't look natural for most gaming people. Not to mention, the video resolution is high definition (1080p), but in game it is 1920 × 1200? (as shown in the video) And at 0:46 the graphics, those graphic...
  14. MedinBurnic

    0.23 New Extra Levels and Improvements

    Can you elaborate on what happened during the crashes? Simply clicking “send” will not work, it will send the report to the engine makers, where they will be ignored. —Info here Not to mention, can you...
  15. MedinBurnic

    Looking for popular games, maybe they are just as good as EotU.

    Looking for popular games, maybe they are just as good as EotU.
  16. MedinBurnic

    Screenshot Saturday - The Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

    Nah, you're fine, it's kinda cool that will we have them automatically in at the fire ant update, which we didn't have for the leafcutters.
  17. MedinBurnic

    0.2314 [Bug?] Keybindings set in weird selections?

    Ignore the compressed image quality — I kept getting “oops! We ran into some problems — file size too big!” Here we notice that the default keybindings for scrolling are W, S, Left, Right? What? Who plays like that, honestly. Luckily, the problem was fixed by me just clicking default key...
  18. MedinBurnic

    Different player color disposition on models - comparaison between ereptor color and unit color

    It is only colors, though, and the fact of choosing colors for a specific part such as the head does not make this a “simple suggestion” in my book. I'm also confused by you saying they look like “wasps and bees” which I don't see the resemblance even for the yellow color. I also notice more...
  19. MedinBurnic

    Deleting old threads of mine, kind of cringy in a way

    Deleting old threads of mine, kind of cringy in a way
  20. MedinBurnic

    Music misplaced in wrong playlist

    I would also like to see the other tracks added such as the queen is in danger themes. Well, why not?!