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  1. Mr_Ced

    "Quit" Button Locks up the Game

    When I press the "Quit" button in the main menu the game locks up, and I cannot press any other buttons. In order to exit, I need to open Task Manager and end the task. It seems to be random so far.
  2. Mr_Ced

    Concept for Slave-makers

    This isn't really a suggestion, but more of some ideas I came up with for the current in-game Slave-makers. (Maybe for a mod?) Mechanics The Slave-makers would either only be able to gain food from raiding colonies, or only gain workers from colonies. Meaning that the only way to expand is by...
  3. Mr_Ced

    "Frozen Combat" Fixed!

    I recently got my computer back from repairs and I immediately went into the latest beta to test it. Its gone! Thank you for your patience, Slug Disco, it is really appreciated!
  4. Mr_Ced

    Different Colony Behaviors

    In Freeplay at the moment the enemy A.I has only one behavior pattern to follow. The idea that came to my mind is that the colonies would have a randomly assigned behavior that would dictate how they dig out their nest, how they would harvest food and how they responded to threats. The...
  5. Mr_Ced

    "Frozen Combat" wasn't Solved

    I meant to post this earlier; but after further research, aka playing Queen of the Hill, I found out that the bug was persisting. Animations don't play until I look at them, and I don't get any cues I am in combat. I did find some new clues though: When I decided to go all out in a freeplay game...
  6. Mr_Ced

    Christmas Level: Towers Should Give EXP

    I noticed that you didn't gain any experience points when your towers kill enemies. This is more prevalent in the funnel web towers, as they can kill large amounts of enemies when upgraded. Just a small amount of the enemies they were killing would give me multiple levels if I ran ahead. (On...
  7. Mr_Ced

    "Biomass" Victory Condition Should Apply to Allies

    Just a suggestion, but I think the "Biomass" condition should be expanded to include allies.
  8. Mr_Ced

    Enemy Allied Colonies try to Attack each Other

    Pretty much in the title. They do not work together and try to attack each other.
  9. Mr_Ced

    Feedback on Freeplay A.I.

    After playing around with it for a while, I have collected a good bit of things that I think are important to building a better A.I. experience. Create an Incentive for Leafcutter Players to Attack As of right now, there's no real reason to leave the immediate area around the entrance to the...
  10. Mr_Ced

    Could RAM Scarcity Cause Bugs?

    One thing I noticed while inspecting the other computer is how much RAM it had. About double in total of what I have. After a bit of investigation, I discovered that while I did have 4 GB of RAM (Minimum requirement) I only had around 3.84 GB actually available for use. This could be the cause...
  11. Mr_Ced

    Is it Possible to Delete the Game Completely?

    I am asking this question since I may have theory for the major bug I am experiencing. While doing some investigating, I found that the FPS dropped monumentally when I viewed all of the colonies underground via the Photo Mode. From this, I think it might be safe to conclude that an old...
  12. Mr_Ced

    Optional Failure Condition

    I haven't played the new beta yet but I have heard there is allied colonies. So I was wondering, maybe there could be a "victory" condition for keeping the other colony alive?
  13. Mr_Ced

    Bugs I've Encountered in the New Beta

    Leafcutters will attempt to climb large plants leaves, regardless if that leaf has been harvested completely. They continue to do this until the entire plant has been harvested. I've seen control groups consisting of only majors harvesting leaves while attempting (I assume) to attack my nest...
  14. Mr_Ced

    Option to delete Queen Tiles

    Instead of the previous suggestions of upgrading/expanding the Queen's chamber, I propose the opposite: deleting them. Not only do you get to squeeze an extra chamber in your nest, you also get to upgrade it. For balance purposes, I think there should be rules: No "last chance" worker anymore...
  15. Mr_Ced

    Monthly Level Idea: Old Ideas

    As the title suggests, the level would be based around the old ideas of EotU. In this level, you would kill other queens to gain their genes. Only certain genes can be acquired, so the player must choose what queens to attack. For example, the player would be able to choose between Trapjaw ants...
  16. Mr_Ced

    Reloading Save Bug

    I started digging out my nest on the map Towhead, decided I didn't like the look and got this after reloading:
  17. Mr_Ced

    Option to Hide Leafcutter Minims

    When I play economically in Freeplay with leafcutters, I often find myself with too many minims. This slows down my game to only a couple frames per second. I suggest an option to hide the visual aspect of minims. This would hide only the model and animations, not the actual code behind it.
  18. Mr_Ced

    Frozen Combat Video

    Here's the video, if a bit late: Frozen combat!
  19. Mr_Ced

    Small Army Ants are not Worth it

    Despite recent changes, they just simply do not preform well in The Other Foot level. However, Formicarium Challenge 3 is a bit harder. I tested the newest changes with my "Vanilla Ereptors" (no extra special abilities like Meat Wall) on hard mode. However they still were more of a hindrance to...
  20. Mr_Ced

    The Other Foot Enemy Queen Nuked

    I was playing this on hard mode and got to the end, except the Queen's ability triggered but didn't save her. This was because the army ants did so much damage in a short amount of time. The ability that was used should have a short immunity time, otherwise it takes too long for the respawning...