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  1. Vascan023

    The dialogue of me and other scientist

    Scientist one Good morning Jeremy start prepping that erector type a colony for battle. Jeremy of course just wiping down surfaces and and making sure everything is nice and clean. Scientist ones leaves the room. Jeremy decides to put 3 Uber mantises inside your colony. Scientist one comes back...
  2. Vascan023


    Today is my forum birthday.
  3. Vascan023


    First off Uber mole cricket freezes and stops attacking or doing anything in middle of game. Secondly when your leaf cutters go into an allied colonies refuse chamber it doesn’t hurt your ants or do anything. Third is that if you zoom in super fast for a fraction of a second it shows some white...
  4. Vascan023

    One question

    Quick question how do I get a really helpful person badge?
  5. Vascan023

    Extra mode the wood and field

    The wood and field is an extra mode where there is a wood with wood ants. Outside of the wood is a open field with fire ants. Between the two areas is a forest river. Your goal as the fire ants is to kill more blue butterflies than the wood ants but there is a catch. The catch is that if you...
  6. Vascan023

    Hello from Florida