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  1. alayyan23


    lets pay more attention to the aphid farms and I want more of a challenge so maybe we can make grown up aphids like when you find some aphids there will be a grown up near and instead of disappearing make that the farm looks like it is slowly being eaten and when it is eaten the aphids will run...
  2. alayyan23

    Something off here.

    I've been playing the game as usual but I was paying version 0.13 and saw this and it said it will in a future update but I'm pretty sure it was a long time ago
  3. alayyan23

    i need help

    if I all ready have empires of the undergrowth and i want it on steam to keep updating what do I do.
  4. alayyan23

    No saving

    well you see if I chose gene thief in freeplay it doesn't let me save if you meant to do this please change it