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  1. griffin67851

    Free play mode idea

    who remembers when the old free play was that free play no goal i feel there should we a option for no goal
  2. griffin67851

    queen moving (read before saying anything)

    what if the queen can ONLY move on the starting ant tiles (the 7 worker tiles you start with) this would make it more realistic while all so keeping it so you have to defend the point (the devs always say the queen cant move because you have to defend the point)
  3. griffin67851

    a free play idea

    add seeds for the map like 4786935 that could be one or 5737593 you get it and each seed is a different map
  4. griffin67851

    When is the next newsletter

    I'm sorry for asking
  5. griffin67851

    Happy thanksgiving

    Good day to all and to all a good a good pie
  6. griffin67851

    Idea for the campagign

    Can you make the outworld bigger and have more things in it like 2nd floor or have a cave that bugs come out of, maybe a seed plant
  7. griffin67851

    When is the November newsletter?

    When will the Nov new letter be out
  8. griffin67851

    Idea - Desert Maps & Repletes

    credit to Judgementamander on steam in the desert maps, repletes can provide your ants with water to cool them down(maybe repletes have a red meter below their health bar that fills up and is lowered by climbing plants, staying in the nest and the repletes) along with food storage
  9. griffin67851

    Idea - Scorpions & Ant Eaters

    Can you add Scorpions or ant eater attacks
  10. griffin67851

    Idea - Horned Lizards

    Can you add horned lizards they love to eat Harvester ants
  11. griffin67851

    Can we add...

    Seasons like winter for hibernation or weather like rain
  12. griffin67851

    Idea - DLC

    Can you add DLC's plz thanks
  13. griffin67851

    can you give me the leaf cutter ants

    I have ADHD and I love this game please