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    November 2021 Newsletter

    The final newsletter of the year is upon us! As well as going over the recent content reveals and a new winter-themed level coming soon, we have a little frank discussion about release timings for the fire ant update. Spoiler alert: we tried to hit this year before Christmas, but it's going to...
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    Enemy Encyclopedia

    In the works, will be there for full release.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Venus Flytrap

    Newsletters have been bimonthly for years now.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Venus Flytrap

    The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is an iconic carnivorous plant. Plants that eat animals do so to make up for poor soil quality, lacking in nitrogen and phosphorous. Insects are attracted to the red, flower-like open traps. The traps themselves are modified leaves - tiny trigger hairs will...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Red Velvet Ant in Action

    The red velvet ant (Dasymutilla occidentalis) is named for its appearance, but it is in fact a type of wingless wasp. It is colloquially called the "cow killer" for its infamously painful sting. When threatened, they will use this sting to defend themselves. It is exceptionally potent, and will...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Swamp Environment & Asset Breakdowns

    It's time for an early shot of the swamp environment coming to Empires of the Undergrowth with the fire ant update! Various mosses, lichens and slime moulds adorn this damp landscape. This is the work of Dan Coates, our recently-hired environmental artist. He's also provided some asset...
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    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    When we did a short optional beta for the fire ant demo level, this level was included with it and was briefly playable. We like to allow a little bit of optional public testing for these extra levels.
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    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    Discard the shackles of oppression - in our latest extra level Beetles Rise Up!, you must grow your beetle pack to annihilate your captors. All of your beetles are controlled by a single pheromone marker - simply move near beetles to add them to your pack, bolstering your strength. Kill all...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Eastern Newt

    The eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) is a common amphibian native to the eastern United States. In their juvenile form (known as the red eft) they are bright orange or red, and have toxic skin - any assailant wishing harm upon the newt will have to cope with the potent tetrodotoxin...
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    queen moving (read before saying anything)

    We could do something like this, but I think it would just beg more frustrating questions ("she's walking around her tiles, why isn't she just walking away when she gets attacked?"). I think this is a case where simplicity is better, rather than having just a cosmetic gesture.
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    Who is the oldest "member" of Slug Disco outside of the devs?

    John and Matt (John is my brother, incidentally) have been friends since they were very young, for about 25 years. After university they had the idea of making an insect game, Matt had the name "Empires of the Undergrowth" in his head for years apparently. Liam is also a very old friend, but...
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    Who is the oldest "member" of Slug Disco outside of the devs?

    Me, I guess. I joined in January 2017 and am the first hire outside of the 3 core devs.
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    Camera bug after the new update

    Could you try changing screen mode / resolutions to a few different configurations and seeing if that makes a difference? It looks like maybe some resolution conflict is falsely triggering the screen-edge scrolling.
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    September 2021 Newsletter

    Time for a new Empires of the Undergrowth newsletter! This time we talk all about the amphibian vertebrates that will be coming to the game, along with the recent live events we've participated in. Also some details of our in-person appearance at EGX next month...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Dwarf Salamander

    The dwarf salamander (Eurycea quadridigitata) is native to much of the eastern United States. It prefers swampy conditions and spends much of its time burrowed in the leaf litter. Its serpentine movements give it a unique style in Empires of the Undergrowth! It'll be chowing down on a few of...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Narrow-Mouthed Toad

    The narrow-mouthed toad (Gastrophryne carolinensis) is native to much of the United States. Its diet consists primarily of ants - a trait that will make it one of your bitter enemies when the fire ant update comes for Empires of the Undergrowth, despite its cuteness!
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    Gamescom 2021 Fire Ant Demo Level Available Now! - 0.2313 Release

    For anyone who has the game on GOG or Epic Games Store - we're working on getting the update out to those now; there were some complications. Should be today.
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    Mating Ground

    You're on the Ecosystem forum here
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    Gamescom 2021 Fire Ant Demo Level Available Now! - 0.2313 Release

    We love events, but for obvious reasons we've so rarely been able to attend them recently. Enter the Gamescom 2021 Indie Arena Booth, an online event that is running from 25th-29th August! We have a booth in the virtual world, which you can visit with your 2D avatar. There's an NPC...
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Promised Land, Gamescom 2021 Demo Level

    We're ecstatic to be a part of the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom 2021! From 25th-29th, everyone can check out the bridge-building antics of the upcoming fire ants in a special Gamescom level "The Promised Land" in both the full game and the demo. Survive the onslaught of the bombardier beetles...