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  1. weirdo_child69

    Screenshot Saturday - Eastern Newt

    Will this creature be able to go into your nest or will it be like the large whip spider and be unable to enter the player's nest?
  2. weirdo_child69

    [UPDATE [0.2312] Fire Ant Gamescom Demo Discussion - Bug Reports, Suggestions, Strategies; Et cetera

    idk if this is where i put this but i found that sometimes, seemingly at random, the beetles will fight one another. this includes the bombardier beetles and the devils coach horse beetle larvae and adults. idk if this is intended or is a glitch.
  3. weirdo_child69

    The idle ants problem - colony maintenance update?

    I say when you release the game start working on making some of these suggestions togglable in freeplay so those who want a more simulation like feel can have that while the main campaign stays its natural RTS like self but that's just a suggestion of mine.
  4. weirdo_child69

    Screenshot Saturday - Magnolia Green Jumping Spider

    I've seen these spiders where I live and I also just caught a whole new army of fire ant queens this year woohoo
  5. weirdo_child69

    Screenshot Saturday - Green Lynx Spider

    that second picture though was absolutely amazing
  6. weirdo_child69

    Screenshot Saturday - False Bombardier Larva

    that is one of the creepiest things that is gonna be in the game so far i love it
  7. weirdo_child69

    May 2021 Newsletter

    dude i am actually so pumped for this update the amount of patients i need is getting to me though cause i have ADHD.
  8. weirdo_child69

    When will the new levels are going to be added?

    May 14th just so happens to be my birthday
  9. weirdo_child69

    Screenshot Saturday - Checkered Beetle Larva

    this is the most I've ever been excited for an update to a game
  10. weirdo_child69

    Concept for Slave-makers

    i wish they used polyergus instead those ants are really cool and are also social parasites.