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  1. pakitane16

    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    It's currently broken on Mac.
  2. pakitane16

    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    What are the new black spiders in Hibernation?
  3. pakitane16

    [Freeplay] Add a way to destroy Spiderwebs

    No, the ingame species is S.invicta, not S.geminata.
  4. pakitane16

    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    Is it me or your computer just got upgraded? Creature skins look way better than previous trailer.
  5. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - The Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

    Ain't that what challenge mode enemies do? Annoy the heck out of you lol.
  6. pakitane16

    Different player color disposition on models - comparaison between ereptor color and unit color

    Have you tried "black", which makes all ants retain their natural color?
  7. pakitane16

    Something off here.

    I found it.
  8. pakitane16

    Something off here.

    Not sure what it was but I recall it was removed from the game.
  9. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - Pine Woods Tree Frog

    Beautiful! Can they swim or jump a long distance? Is the one in the video a titan?
  10. pakitane16


    I'll try to explain it short. The quote format is tedious on phone so bear with me. "1. In the game Empires Of The Undergrowth, there are at least 4 ant species in the game........ I don't know yet." - The counterpart colony is also gene-thief ant. Gene-thief ants are fictional ants that can...
  11. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - A Thriving Fire Ant Colony

    Fire ants and underwater-looking underground, name a more fitting combination.
  12. pakitane16

    Questions and suggestions and a bug.

    "Why isn't there a beach tiger beetle in freeplay?" - They do? Check the creature option in freeplay menu. If you mean their larvae then the devs plan to add challenge mode creatures in the future. "Why does the enemy queen come out of the nest at the Queen of the hill level?" - Not sure what...
  13. pakitane16

    No saving

    Does this happened when you play as other species?
  14. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - The Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

    Oh boy we just can't run away from these spider. Are there plans for more aquatic creatures like waterbugs or skitters?
  15. pakitane16

    No saving

    Take a picture of the menu will help identify the problem. Is the "Save" option not there or it simply doesn't work? Which gene-thief colony are you using? Which version of the game you are playing?
  16. pakitane16

    Тranslations into other languages.

    Translation should be based on number of players, not most spoken languages. Hindi is one of the most spoken languages because India is one of the most populated countries in the world. It doesn't mean all those people can afford and enjoy the game, especially in this period.
  17. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - Green Lynx Spider

    Wow the fire ants are miniscule compared to the spider.
  18. pakitane16

    It's my birthday.

    Happy surviving one whole year. Now another.
  19. pakitane16

    May 2021 Newsletter

    I recall that there was about 90 new units planned for tier 4 and 5. They will have to cut down some redundant ones.
  20. pakitane16

    The Ants - app in app store

    EotU's Formica fusca queen is stylized. Her flat head is so distinct that you can immediately recognize that this is a rip off. If anyone designed the queen from scratch, she should look similar to EotU's wood ant queen instead.