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  1. WaffleGuy

    A Possible Switch to Discourse

    I'm not really an expert on the subject nor do I have any experience, so I'm not going to say much. I'm just suggesting to switch to the Discourse forum software. It seems to look a bit more pleasing and it's also easier to format posts. From what I can see though off of my minimal research, it...
  2. WaffleGuy

    The Other Foot With Workers Only

    I was originally talking about this with another person who first started this, but I decided I was notifying him a tad bit too much. So instead, I'm talking about it here. Let's start with the basics, shall we? Objective Complete level "The Other Foot" using only workers on the highest...
  3. WaffleGuy

    Devs Live on Steam!!!

    I just hopped on Steam, looked at the game, and here they are streaming The Promised Land! Bombardier Beetles have changed a bit, and they are also talking about pervasive and vigorous ants. Edit: Yes, brood is a food source...
  4. WaffleGuy

    Everything We Know About Cold Blood

    Map Layout Summary A Solenopsis Invicta Fire Ant colony (the player), is in the middle of a vast swampy landscape. To complete the level, the player will have to contest many resources and locations with the two other colonies (Little Black Ants and Head Ants). To make matters worse, narrow...
  5. WaffleGuy

    Excavators on Insane Speedrun Strategy

    So for the past few days, I have been doing Excavators on insane. I actually did it almost a year ago in 50 minutes, but I decided to revisit it so I can improve my speedrunning skills. Now I can do it in 35 minutes. How? Well, there's not really anything special, I just follow this page of...
  6. WaffleGuy

    Formica Ereptor Origins

    I don't think many people focus on the lore of the game, so here I am figuring out how exactly Formica Ereptor works and its origins within the ant species hierarchy. Let's start with their close relatives. I have good reason to believe that Formica Ereptor are tied to Saharan Silver ants...
  7. WaffleGuy

    The Hungry Spider in Freeplay

    While it may not seem like that useful of an addition, it would be extremely cool to play a freeplay game with insane difficulty ramping up. Personally, I just want to see how slow I can make enemies. Perhaps you can unlock it when you complete all the hungry spider levels.
  8. WaffleGuy

    Is It Possible to Complete Festive Spider Without Towers?

    I think that you can complete the Festive Spider level without using any towers at all. There really shouldn't be any problem if the enemies are all the same power as with the hungry spider level, they'll die to the venom pool + crippling combo quickly. I might try it sometime later. I'll also...
  9. WaffleGuy

    I Bet We're Getting Rehoused

    I bet we're getting rehoused. In the "How Close is the Fire Ant Update?" thread, Mike says that some decorative formicarium assets are yet to be finished. I mean, they could just be an expansion of the formicarium room, but I have reason to believe not. He says 'some assets', meaning there are...
  10. WaffleGuy

    Best Wood Ant Setup (Rising Tide)

    Expanding on my previous post, level one mortars combined with level one workers creates an army with the most survivability. I mean it does cost tons upon tons of food to maintain the worker count, but it does really well against both hermit crabs and wolf spiders. The findings are listed...
  11. WaffleGuy

    Best Leafcutter Setup (Front Line)

    After trying to beat Front Line on insane with challenge mode in three days and failing miserably, I went into battle arena and tested some stuff. Here are the complete results: [30 Lvl 2 Army Ant Mediae + 30 Lvl 2 Army Ant Majors]|[15 Lvl 3 Taunt Majors + 15 Lvl 3 Leafcutter Mediae]: 588 [30...
  12. WaffleGuy

    Stranded (Extra Level)

    Stranded An extra level where, in a secluded island in the boundary between a river and land, this Pheidole Morrisii queen has burrowed into the sandy area and begins to lay eggs. But as the rain gradually drops, a new enemy is revealed. This colony must grow itself and take advantage of the...
  13. WaffleGuy

    Springtime Spider

    Springtime Spider Extra Level The hungry spider returns in an Easter-themed competition level where it has to clear a home for his new children - or let them be carved up and devoured by the surrounding predators. Our hungry spider must guide its many offspring through hordes of enemies, crowds...
  14. WaffleGuy

    Slight Rebalances to The Promised Land

    I heard somewhere on the discord that The Promised Land was going to be turned into an extra level, and if so, then I have some feedback. Otherwise, please disregard this post. Basically, I just thought it was too easy. And not in my standards, it's just that Bombardier beetles aren't that much...
  15. WaffleGuy

    Tile Upgrade Value Doesn't Update Until Other Tile is Built

    If you pay attention to the details of the first tile in this video, you'll notice something weird. Whenever the second tile STARTS being built, the first tile's surrounding + values does update, but the first tile's total shown value does not update until the second tile is fully built. This is...
  16. WaffleGuy

    A Short Guide on Upgrading Ants

    This article is mainly for new people who are not sure of whether to upgrade ants, or create new ants. From the base of it, it seems logical to just make more ants. I mean, upgraded ants only get a slight boost in stats, while a whole new ant is twice the boost in stats, technically. However...
  17. WaffleGuy

    Nest Worker AI Change

    Workers should no longer go all the way to the queen and back to bring an egg to a tile if there's a job right next to them, UNLESS the egg's corresponding ant is dead and not in an active pheromone marker. This should hopefully optimize the speed of nest workers and decrease the duration it...
  18. WaffleGuy

    Floating Ant A swarm of praying mantises come and in the process, an ereptor worker starts floating.
  19. WaffleGuy

    Workers Stuck At Entrance

    So, this looks like a normal screenshot, but the workers at the entrance were just doing nothing. They would just be frozen but then sometimes randomly start moving again, and then they would get frozen again. I had gather on and attack off for ALL of my ants. It's also worth noting that the...
  20. WaffleGuy

    Limit Opponent Attack Markers in The Harvest

    So, I find it quite annoying when this happens. Reasoning If you can't figure out what's going on, the opponent base basically just sent a force right next to my base. Literally just four majors to the left, and sat there for about two minutes. While this is less annoying in the easier modes...