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  1. MikeSlugDisco

    On the Topic of Extra Levels

    This is an... odd take. I'm not sure how I feel about being called out for prioritising the much more supported and populous of the two. I've only so much time and I need to make that time have the higher impact.
  2. MikeSlugDisco

    August 2022 Newsletter - Roadmap To Version 1.0

    Good afternoon to all denizens of the Undergrowth - it's time for the first newsletter in a post-fire ant world! Also included is a roadmap for the first time in quite a while.
  3. MikeSlugDisco

    Slug disco the 4th formicarium challenge hybrids

    Extra levels are a possibility maybe. Who knows? We don't want to put them in the BattleArena - someone idly messing around with the BA might spoil themselves for that fun story point. I guess perhaps we could have them unlock there after completing FC4, but not just yet.
  4. MikeSlugDisco

    What happened to this Fire ant animation?

    It's still there, just rare. They don't often stand still long enough for the idle anim.
  5. MikeSlugDisco

    Fire ant , little black ant and big headed ant gasters aren't colored

    Just didn't make it in in time, will be in the next patch (2-3 weeks probably; our patch building guy is on vacation rn)
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    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Read Before Posting!

    Last updated: 1st August 2022
  7. MikeSlugDisco

    [0.30102][Bug] Little black ant colony nest entrance rendering over the water post-victory.

    This will be a simple fix, I know exactly what this is. Reported.
  8. MikeSlugDisco

    Ok for real for real

    No, uber creatures got bitten by a radioactive Tom Holland
  9. MikeSlugDisco

    Nerf the Narrow-mouthed Toad in cold blood please

    I wonder if people are confusing the fact that the bullfrog starts with only a fifth of its potential full health with it being attacked?
  10. MikeSlugDisco

    The Fire Ant Update - OUT NOW!!

    Click here for release patch notes
  11. MikeSlugDisco

    I have a question

    A couple of weeks after fire ants I'll do a newsletter, and then we'll return to scheduled programming with it. I'm thinking it'll be a kind of "post-mortem" of the update, if you understand me - talk about how people responded to it, the challenges we faced getting there, that sort of thing.
  12. MikeSlugDisco

    Music Overhaul

    If there's one thing I know about music is that you don't mess with it if people love it, and they do. Creating some higher fidelity art assets for older things with lower resolution textures and models is one thing, but changing one of the fundamental things that a lot of people cite as one...
  13. MikeSlugDisco

    Question about the ant queens.

    There's been some debate about improving old assets given that we've all gotten better at making stuff, and we now have dedicated artists on the team. No solid plans have been made yet.
  14. MikeSlugDisco

    whats planed?

    I'm not sure I'm a fan of this necromancy
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    The Fire Ant Update - Early Access V0.3 Patch Notes

    Patch Notes - The Fire Ant Update - EotU Early Access V0.3 The Fire Ants Invade! Fire ants are nothing if not adaptable to new challenges. These swamplands that young queens, fresh from their nuptial flight, have landed in are not in their native range. The changing, often-flooded environment...
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    Release Dates Suggestion

    Weekend releases are unwise due to potential lack of support from Steam, etc
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    I can't go out of the nest

    The chances are that your system is underspecced and memory or graphical constraints are crashing it.