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  1. alayyan23

    a problem with food

    so you see when you play a lot you get a lot of food and have no more place to expand to build food storage soo can you make it that food in storage are slowly being eaten by ants
  2. alayyan23

    Something here...

    So what exactly is this I don't exactly now what's written but I thought it was a bug (it disappeared later on) map: bastion
  3. alayyan23

    wait so

    do you remember the tile which its picture is a squidgy thing well it may be back mike said "Added an entirely new set of icons for the Formica ereptor adaptations menu"
  4. alayyan23

    I'm just curious

    What are all members of slug disco? I'm just curious. I know that not all of them are here in the forums or are they?
  5. alayyan23


    why are the first three nest workers are black ants instead of wood ants? (the picture is too large)
  6. alayyan23

    so really

    adult aphids I mean it will be better if you add them there is devils coach larva and adult what about adult aphids (nah either yes or no is fine)
  7. alayyan23

    Its time

    I was too lazy to post this but what can I say I want you to add a scroll button for this its stuck I cant use it
  8. alayyan23

    carry the whole thing?

    cant we make it that instead breaking it gown into little pieces the ants just carry the whole thing back i mean of course you cant carry a fish back but the devils coach horse is easier to carry.
  9. alayyan23


    Finally the spilled it I was waiting for a long time they posted it on YouTube though I'll try to get the photo. I just realised it will be posted 9pm for me that's okay though Edit: FOUND IT Edit: (WARNING SPOILER) I also found that one of the levels name is cold blood
  10. alayyan23

    cant I play

    I wana play demos but the I already have the full game so it is not installing cant I play the demos in the full game
  11. alayyan23

    What happened

    before I had the option to play as a counterpart in freeplay but now I cant there is no option to play as a counterpart and if you don't understand what I mean counterparts are the opposite ants in the story that will fight you in the third formicarium challenge
  12. alayyan23

    I have a idea

    so I don't like the way that we you destroy a part in the story it will cost you territory I mean that's okay with me but sometimes I make mistakes and i cant redo this so can we make it like we can redo it in some way like filling out the spaces with soil
  13. alayyan23

    What about adapt

    What’s in it and I want to know more
  14. alayyan23


    lets pay more attention to the aphid farms and I want more of a challenge so maybe we can make grown up aphids like when you find some aphids there will be a grown up near and instead of disappearing make that the farm looks like it is slowly being eaten and when it is eaten the aphids will run...
  15. alayyan23

    Something off here.

    I've been playing the game as usual but I was paying version 0.13 and saw this and it said it will in a future update but I'm pretty sure it was a long time ago
  16. alayyan23

    i need help

    if I all ready have empires of the undergrowth and i want it on steam to keep updating what do I do.
  17. alayyan23

    No saving

    well you see if I chose gene thief in freeplay it doesn't let me save if you meant to do this please change it