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  1. person111

    Still a person

    Still a person
  2. person111

    Restructuring of the Forum

    Maybe there is an option to toggle between your suggested layout and the Forum’s original layout, because I’d probably prefer the forum’s original layout over yours if they were to implement it. Good suggestion though
  3. person111

    how do you change the new fin's position again?

    Well the last time I played I just kinda dragged the fins around the body so… You can try to reset the game and then work from there, or you can contact Tom if the problem is bad enough
  4. person111

    I'm Just Amazed

    I guess it's not directly related to the game but still within the boundaries, like say if you found a cool ant outside you would post it in off topic EOTU and not Off topic Ecosystem
  5. person111

    Happy Birthday brighterdays!

    Happy Birthday brighterdays!
  6. person111

    Happy birthday dude, hope ya had a great time today

    Happy birthday dude, hope ya had a great time today
  7. person111

    extra level : bastion

    I mean it’s gonna take a pretty long time to work on all the modeling and coding of those 2 ant species just to make that one level, although still a cool suggestion for an extra level
  8. person111

    I’ve been here for 2 years already

    Time really flies huh
  9. person111

    Screenshot Saturday - Venus Flytraps in Action

    Yes you can see that the ants are uncontrollable in the video because the player can’t control what leaves they go to
  10. person111

    Hello sir

    Hello sir
  11. person111

    Advanced interaction with enemy ant colonies

    I've read a couple articles about what certain ants will do when having to face an enemy colony, from making a confrontational line without fighting or somehow cease to fight and join forces? I wonder if it would be possible or realistic to have some sort of extra chance where one of these...
  12. person111

    know about gaming pc

    GPUS and graphic cards will take up a lot of money (depending on the quality of course) but I'd say like 2000 dollars for a decent to good setup, just save up for a while and you should have enough for your custom build.
  13. person111

    Add Bullet Ants please

    Is it a full new ant species you can unlock to play or is it like a snap jaw where you can have one extra unit of it? Sounds interesting
  14. person111

    Screenshot Saturday - Red Velvet Ant in Action

    it probably looked different because it was either in a different stage of development or he was just holding a different species, (Since there are at least 150 species that are classified as velvet ants). Also maybe it would be cool if spiders can run out of their silk or have the feature to...
  15. person111

    Hello there serafine

    Hello there serafine
  16. person111

    Selective breeding feature, and parent genes?

    I think it would be cool if there could be a feature that you could use to select 2 random creatures and force them to reproduce with each other, this would help diversify the amount of species by a lot without having to wait a long time and not having to spend as much points in the unit...
  17. person111

    What genre? Right now I’m playing around with People Playground and I think it’s pretty cool

    What genre? Right now I’m playing around with People Playground and I think it’s pretty cool
  18. person111

    Hello again

    Yeah I came back after I read the news on Steam so I’m just gonna stay around for now just in case something happens thats discussable
  19. person111

    Game Suggestion!

    The SCP community in general is pretty creative anyways and I highly respect them, except for the Wattpad users. But I will try the game sometime in the future when I get the time and better computer.
  20. person111

    Why don’t you guys delete all forum accounts that haven’t been logged into for 1 year.

    It would still be better for them to not delete the account anyways so that the people still have a chance to do something or so that they can just watch without feeling like “Huh, my account was deleted for inactivity, I guess they don’t want me here”, so even if they clog up the member count...