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  1. gurra9811

    enable/disable food and fight button bug

    there is a bug where if you chouse a group of ants to ether fight everything they come accrose or not and then switch to aother group and back, the icon is only green and not red if you have disable it
  2. gurra9811

    screenshot contest?

    i had a fun little idé of a screenshot contest, have sean it on some gameing communitys for there game that they have a contest of who can take best screenshot of there gameplay like there biggest city or a nice shot of the world and so on, those who won got there screenshot uploaded on the main...
  3. gurra9811

    new mode for the future: beach survival

    i had a idé of a new mode that do sounds fun and interesting a mode where you are at the end of the beach with your ant colony that you build up, it starts of that you have alot of food when you go outside the nest you can collect thatn you use for building your colony but after 1-2 nights the...
  4. gurra9811

    thinking they are ghosts

    both enemys and units in some areas think they can thro the walls to get to the other side to kill the enemy but they just rub there faces agienst the wall
  5. gurra9811

    releases date?

    as the title says, is there any thing planed about when the game will get releaset? and is ti gonna be the full game or early accses on steam?
  6. gurra9811

    HejHej from Sweden!

    hello everyone! or hejhej in swedish! name is Gustav and im a big fan of dis game and whats going for it! soon we all have our own coloney and we will rise to take over the world! or in dis world we are placet on in dis game hehe
  7. gurra9811

    whats planed?

    i really like dis game alot and i have big hopes for it to be a good one! but i wonder, what is your biggest plans to add in the game? like is ether planed to add later in the game when you guys have come further with it or plans that you are doing right now, what is going on right now in the...