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    I’ve been here for 2 years already

    Time really flies huh
  2. person111

    Advanced interaction with enemy ant colonies

    I've read a couple articles about what certain ants will do when having to face an enemy colony, from making a confrontational line without fighting or somehow cease to fight and join forces? I wonder if it would be possible or realistic to have some sort of extra chance where one of these...
  3. person111

    Selective breeding feature, and parent genes?

    I think it would be cool if there could be a feature that you could use to select 2 random creatures and force them to reproduce with each other, this would help diversify the amount of species by a lot without having to wait a long time and not having to spend as much points in the unit...
  4. person111

    What are your guys views on Termite battle tactics

    I noticed that the Termites, specifically when dealing with ants, use a different tactic than ants do. They have unique warnings and seem to not rely on the swarming tactic used by ants, they just form a horizontal line and strike, considering the number of ants in an ant swarm or ant colony...
  5. person111

    A fun extra mode

    So I heard that there are some rove beetles or beetles that live within ant colonies and grip onto the ants, so maybethere could be a gamemode where they have to survive a certain amount of time by going around and hanging around ants, getting their pheromone, which makes you not get attacked...
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    Fish disease

    To expand on the idea of Miky, There could be more variants of fish diseases, including textures, physical diseases like not swimming properly (even though it is practically impossible to differentiate them from normal fish), and fungus which could grow out and hang around on the fish’s body...
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    Fish that can stay in place like hummingbirds

    I saw that ther are some fish In real life that can move their fins opposite direction so they can stay still or move backwards. Would be cool to see it in game. They could go into dark places or stay still in vegetation, also including caves.
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    Hi from Vietnam

    I picked up the game about 5 months ago and it was pretty good so I went to this forums and forgot to go here first so there we go
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    Wobbly visual effects

    Also the stuff is really dark .
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    Animal with -5.49 Children

    The title is self explainatory I think
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    Bug with saved creatures appearing as different things seemlingly at random.

    So I saved this fish named fourfinned and then when I spawned it in everything was labeled misc even though I spawned like 20 of them in. Here are the steps, so I edited this creature and gave it extra 2 fins in the back. THe only reason I think this glitched is because the color took too long...
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    What feature are you working on?

    I kinda played the demo when it was released and it's been about 4 months so I just wanna check up on the development process curently
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    Will crustaceans crawl along the sea floor or are they going to swim like fish?

    I am pretty interested in the new types of animals and I honestly cannot wait to see the new implemented elements of the game Ecosystem.
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    Shelled animals

    Since everything will die 100% if it comes in contact with a predator, assuming that it is a forager or filter feeder, I think you should add animals with shells so they don't just die when a predator tries to consume them. To balance this, you could make them move slower, get distracted by food...
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    How can I enable enemy ant colonies?

    I went into options and tried to press buttons and stuff but I don't think it worked?
  17. person111

    Formicarium challenge: The war between brothers

    So, in this challenge, you would be budding of of the major nest and go find a new place to live. And when your queen lays enough eggs, the gene pool will change and you will be forced to compete with your mother nest for the food, as well as land. Maybe your mother nest might have some sort of...
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    If you can maybe add termite nests so they can compete with ant colonies and can supply an amount of food to the ants, also make it nocturnal so it is even harder to hunt the termites. And maybe you can also play as the termites so there's more variety and uniqueness
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    Trap jaw colonies.

    I do not know if this is already implemented or suggested but I think that you should be able to build Trap-jaw colonies.
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    Fish filled with air?

    I do not know if this is a bug but when I was play I went afk for a bit and after a few minutes I returned and I saw that there were more species, so of course, I checked some of them. After finding a fish with four fins , I checked if they were spread out or not and after clicking on the name a...