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  1. Scyobi_Empire

    Is there an online co-op gameplay available?

    Quote the opposite actually, in P2P connections without checksums (like Payday 2) the hosts mods and clients mods all interact together generally without issues. A server, everyone would need the same mods in the same order. Currently, the only solution would be heavily limiting how many AI can...
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    Is there an online co-op gameplay available?

    (sorry for double post) Multiplayer games are single player games in disguise, each "player" is just an AI which gets extremely frequent updates from a server/connection (in Peer-to-Peer cases). Humans are tricked into thinking the AIs are actually the human they are playing against and such...
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    Is there an online co-op gameplay available?

    My best guess as to why Multiplayer has been confirmed to be not coming to the game would be a similar reason as to why Reassembly was never getting seemless multiplayer/co-op gameplay: the game and engine was never structured for it. Be it the 10,000s sector files in Reassembly being merged...
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    Thread for Music

    Apologies for the necropost, and for changing the scope of the thread if that's an annoyance, but 'You make me feel like it's Halloween' and 'Euphoria' are, in my opinion, great new songs. Halloween has loads of references to old horror films in it's music video, which is quite cool to see.
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    Defeated colonies

    This idea has potential as a mechanic for extra levels, a defeated colony has creatures burrow in and the enemies start to spill out (into the outside).
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    On the Topic of Extra Levels

    Ditto Depends on the speed of the player, I plan a lot of things out and aim to have a large full store with buffed ants, so I have still yet to finish the FC4 (ignoring the fact I am currently using a lot of things to format USBs, transfer files and just lack of time on my hand).
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    What happened to this Fire ant animation?

    I saw it once during 4.2 as I was waiting out one of the nights, I forgot I remapped the screenshot mode and missed it. I should probably map the keys back to normal, why did I put it on NUM* to turn it on?
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    nest group idea

    I just want to set many markers instead of one, so I can set out patrol routes
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    Nerf the Narrow-mouthed Toad in cold blood please

    I beat the frog with ~150 T1 ants on normal, I was able to survive the nest invasion waves with ease after I harvested the frog and had 37 workers with attack and harvest off running eggs around the nest.
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    I have yet to see anything from FC4, been grinding out jelly, food and space. From what I hear, it is quite good.
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    The wait was very much worth it, without any time constraints so many bugs were squished and balance was achieved
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    in future being able to lay new queens and have they establish new colonies?

    The navmesh (almost certainly) takes up more memory then the terrain models
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    Its time

    Something similar happened to me in freeplay
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    Formica Ereptor Origins

    90% sure the Ereptor's are genetically altered organisms, perhaps fully man made or heavily altered.
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    I believe either image enlargement or lossy compression has made the images a bit unreadable, worker only challenges are hard but very relieving when pulled off. Good luck on your challenges!
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    I may be an IT student, but this pseudocode... It scares me...
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    I’ve been here for 2 years already

    Nearly 3 for me