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  1. Serafine

    Is it possible to play without ads?

    Epic Games is a Internet Store that sells (and advertises) games, Empires of the Undergrowth is a single game in Epic's games library. "During the game" only applies once you've started the Empires of the Undergrowth game application and I don't think there's any ads in there. If you want...
  2. Serafine

    A little fact

    Many spiders do not make webs (wolf spiders, jumping spiders, etc.). They use their silk as a rescue line (if they drop down somewhere), fast travel tool (spiders can fly using wind and electromagnetism, in fact spiderlings are a major part of the "air plankton") and to make eggsacks (which...
  3. Serafine

    What do you feel are the, max three, most needed features right now?

    I agree but for a day/night cycle to have an actual impact we first need systems like plankton moving up to the surface during the day and moving back to the ocean floor at night, visibility being reduced during the night, etc., otherwise it will just be a pretty cosmetic. That would be really...
  4. Serafine

    What do you feel are the, max three, most needed features right now?

    1. A slider to remove the fog. At certain angles it takes up 90% of the screen and severely impedes my ability to experience and enjoy the game. 2. More analytical tools. Ancestor and population history tree like Species ALRE has, infosheets about current and extinct species, etc. Ecosystem...
  5. Serafine

    Player creature competition -> pre-made creature selection at start

    Reading the Launch Day post and the thing about creatures being completely random (and some players struggling to realize that they start basically with blobs that just wiggle around randomly) I had an idea. Let's make a player "competition" to create some fairly efficient creatures - some of...
  6. Serafine

    How far does the process go?

    I've let the game run for several hours and my fish get constantly better at fast swimming and turning. Some people had fish evolving super-complicated massive neural networks which completely tanked performance (there's a fix for that now i believe) but mine did none of that - in fact my...
  7. Serafine

    Ecosystem OUT NOW in Early Access on Steam!

    My Steam says 1.37 Gigabytes of local files on disk, so I guess the download is anything between 50-80% of that (also I'm not sure if it counts in older obsolete files from the previous version).
  8. Serafine

    Still animals.

    Something like Polyps* would be interesting - sessile creatures that grab or suck in nearby prey could be a good start for the development of lurking predators. *Polyps are the immobile "plant-like" stage of Jellyfish, there are free-swimming Jellyfish that have done away with the polyp stage...
  9. Serafine

    bioluminescent animals

    I don't think Jellyfish would really need all the evolution options of blobfish - it might be sufficient to produce a working concept and based on that define limits of the shapes they can evolve. After all we don't want to evolve them into something entirely different. Also I'd see Jellyfish...
  10. Serafine

    Segmented creatures

    EotU has fixed creature animations and doesn't have to deal with shapes of models randomly changing. Most of Ecosystem's segemented creatures would very likely not look like bettles or insects or even shrimp at all, at least not for quite some time. They're likely to look more like swimming...
  11. Serafine

    What do y'all think about Antscanada discovering a new ant species?

    Many ant species look so much alike that even experts have trouble telling them apart - the best example for this is the Tetramorium caespitum-impurum species complex, an absolute nightmare of cryptic speciation consisting of over 30 species many of which are only identifiable by their males'...
  12. Serafine

    Segmented creatures

    Here's a good video about arthropods and other segmented creatures like annelides and cordates. It covers other stuff as well and since it's about potential alien life it's more about the core concept of segmentation rather than arthropods specifically which probably makes it more useful in...
  13. Serafine

    Segmented creatures

    I think as of right now diet is basically hardcoded into the creatures but it would be a cool thing if this could actually mutate - like in a way where fish could unlock access to other food sources but would get less energy from it as they're not equipped to digest stuff. This could be...
  14. Serafine

    A small idea

    You can still find it on the internet. It was basically like the game now but with less ants (only F. fusca), didn't look as great (still good but the new maps are amazing), had only underground levels and some weird bugs that got ironed out over time (like a complete revamp of pathfinding)...
  15. Serafine

    A small idea

    That was in the Demo version.
  16. Serafine

    The surface

    Not all insects eat the whole seed. Ants are one of the biggest seed spreaders on the planet (especially the ones that eat seeds as their main diet, like squirrels they tend to forget some seeds or discard them when they start to go bad but are still good enough to develop into plants) and some...
  17. Serafine

    The surface

    Well, some plants have learned to fling their seeds across vast distances (in some cases several meters). Such catapult plants would remove the need for birds (which i don't think would fit a more-or-less primordial pool scenario and probably hit performance as well). Insects can also carry...
  18. Serafine

    Ecosystem - Entering Early Access March 16th! Trailer + Beta News

    Ironically the game's performance actually increases while it runs, new creatures are the worst (not sure why, either due to inefficient neural networks or physics-breaking behavior straining the engine - having thought about it for a while i tend to think it's the later).
  19. Serafine

    Segmented creatures

    Someone in Discord was asking if the game gets Arthropods and this got me thinking... The current "blobfish" we have in the game are basically a singular central body part (containing eyes, mouth, etc.) with random fins (or lumps of flesh) attached. This seriously limits their ability to mutate...
  20. Serafine

    The surface

    I've been think about this for a while and it seems to me that gameplay-wise the entire area above the ground - open water and the surface in particular - very much feels like wasted space right now. The camera being unable to rise above the surface also feels very arbitrary and is kind of...