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    New Forum!

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    enable/disable food and fight button bug

    there is a bug where if you chouse a group of ants to ether fight everything they come accrose or not and then switch to aother group and back, the icon is only green and not red if you have disable it
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    0.1142 Change Log

    saw a new update, whats new?
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Screenshot Mode Thread! i did something :P
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    After completing a mission I don't get food for my Formicarium

    the food is above ground when you compleat the mission, right click on the exit to get out and move a worker there and it will open up so you can get out from your nest
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    screenshot contest?

    i had a fun little idé of a screenshot contest, have sean it on some gameing communitys for there game that they have a contest of who can take best screenshot of there gameplay like there biggest city or a nice shot of the world and so on, those who won got there screenshot uploaded on the main...
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    new mode for the future: beach survival

    i had a idé of a new mode that do sounds fun and interesting a mode where you are at the end of the beach with your ant colony that you build up, it starts of that you have alot of food when you go outside the nest you can collect thatn you use for building your colony but after 1-2 nights the...
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    Beta will be beginning soon. Make sure you're ready to help!

    but did you guys not say that when we gets the beta version of it, the demo version on steam we go will update and then we will have it right?
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    true, your right
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    i would rather not have DLCs in dis game, would just not fit in a game like dis
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    I found a mobile copy of EOTU have reported them for stealing
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Are you afraid of spiders?

    the speed is terrifying as you gets clouse but i would agree to give it more aggressive moves when it attacks, like a it sting it and weeb it up and then eats you and if there more then just one then the old animasion is good i would say
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    Mid-week Progress Post: Wood ant icons

    like in the start your underground and when you are able to get out from your nest your also able to build up a anthill where you can make more rooms and that means more stroage for your nest and the "warrior" ants can cercle around the hill and be able to defend it from other ants but you only...
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    Mid-week Progress Post: Wood ant icons

    not million but like you start underground and then as you coloni is growing into a bigger size you starting to build a hill
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    Mid-week Progress Post: Wood ant icons

    but arnt wood ants suppose to build a anthill as there nest? o:
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    thinking they are ghosts

    yes, im useing the 0.0064 and those enemys who dose it those big ones i forgot the name of them but those who spew out a gas that confjuses the ants, i tryed it many times and happens from time to time but mostly on when your gonna start build up a coliny underground
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    thinking they are ghosts

    both enemys and units in some areas think they can thro the walls to get to the other side to kill the enemy but they just rub there faces agienst the wall
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    Entering Early Access this summer! Steam page is up!

    i wonder about the beta testers, when we get the game to test it, are we alowed to upload screenshots from the game and if you guys like them, will you mabye use them as pics to show off the game? that would be cool!