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    But can your ants move through the enemy ants? Or they need to have space to move around the enemy ants? That is an important factor since, if the fighting ground is not open (like in a corridor of some kind), the enemy could make a blackade to prevent you from surrounding his troops. Right?
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    Ant stats

    Thanks my man!
  3. Tarantofabio

    Ant stats

    Guys, i read somewhere here in the forums that one of the devs have posted a file with all the ants stats on the steam section. I searched for it but didnt find it. Can anyone help with the file itself of how to find it?
  4. Tarantofabio

    Some toughts about upgrading your ants

    You are right, Cool Guy. I was actually refering to 2.2 (queen of the hill). The other colonies send waves to invade our colony and we need the mortar aoe to kill them. Thanks for pointing out :)
  5. Tarantofabio

    Some toughts about upgrading your ants

    Hi there, guys. (I apologize in advance for any mistakes. I´m not very skilled in english grammar) I would say i am an experienced player of EOTU. I love the insane mode challanges and have completed all up to 3.1 (currently working on 3.2). I also like to do some "cience" to better understand...
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    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    I would really love multiplayer for this game. Hope it comes to it!
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    Suggestion concerning "Esc" hotkey for menu

    Guys, its a silly thing, i know. But it would bring some serious amount of confort to the players if we could (while having the menu open) hit "esc" to resume the game automatically without needing to manually click on "resume game".
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    April-May 2019 Newsletter

    Good job, guys. Thanks for this awesome game.
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    Doubt concerning genetics augmentations to ants

    Guys, i have a question: Does the genetics improvements that we perform using royal jelly in our formicarium affects the ants when we play cenarios (not the formicarium challenge)? Thanks in advance
  10. Tarantofabio

    Is Insane Mode Possible?

    Yo guys, i just discovered this game a week ago and love it so much. Im a try hard so as soon as i figured out the game i dived right into the 2.1 challenge on insane. It´s a huge challenge and really demands one to pursue perfection on the harvesting sequence. I was strugling a lot and even...