bug (no pun intended)

  1. R

    Stuck camera

    I saved while in the view(eye) mode on a fish. When I later loaded, my camera was fixed in the same direction I was in when I clicked "return". I tried to move with mouse and wasdqe but nothing happened. I could click the creature again and resume the viewing but when i returned the bug...
  2. Rensy

    Bug report

    So in freeplay map embankment in the beta as a counterpart colony, one of my army ant majors were gathering food from a dead funnel web spider, and somehow some force pushed it back while it was gathering, then it just flipped and then once it was finished gathering from a distance it acted like...
  3. Rensy

    Bug report in Freeplay map Basin

    So i was a yellow counterpart colony that was super strong, but outside was total chaos. So basically, since it's chaos, tons of ladybugs are gonna be killed, right? So when i went to check that freeplay colony, there was a large herd of ladybugs, except they weren't moving at all, nor were they...