bugs (no pun intended)

  1. Rensy

    Extra level Rewards removal?

    Ok so, i saw this thing a while ago but i was lazy to report it at the time, so basically, i haven't played eotu in a while, and then i checked it again because why not? and then in freeplay, i don't have my counterpart colony as a species selection, neither is the uber mole cricket there, even...
  2. Rensy

    Bug report

    So whenever i press "quit" on eotu or press "exit out of desktop" during a game, the game freezes and will not close, and because of this i have to pull up task manager every time I'm leaving the game. And just in case. Here is my system specs Computer Information: Manufacturer: LENOVO...
  3. Rensy

    Something i noticed in extra level enemy of my enemy

    I do not know if this is a bug or not, but just in case it is, i have categorized it in the bugs/troubleshooting section. Basically, there is a small batch of leafcutter majors on the right side of army ant majors and under a patch of army ant media. Now there are another, smaller group of...
  4. Rensy

    Bug report

    When i started a leafcutter colony in freeplay, i couldn't place the pheromone markers, and would make the sound like when you tried to place the marker in a place you can't enter, even though i was right clicking on the leaves so i could try and collect leaves to expand my colony. I am in the...
  5. Rensy

    Bug report

    So when i defeated the level the culling, the narrator said the words he would say when you completed rising tide, you could also select extra territory, food and jelly for some reason.