1. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] 0.30102 - Autosave Loads 'Broken' Freeplay?

    I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, but after I tried to reload an autosave after I got raided by fire ants, let me just say, things broke. This has happened before, but I assumed it would get fixed with the fire ant update. That doesn't seem to be the case. Screenshot below.
  2. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] - Spider Attacking Sideways [4.1 Cold Blood]

    Not exactly sure how this happened, this seems to have happened when either the spider was leaving the pitcher plant, or attempted to climb it but got interrupted. The spider began to attack my ants normally afterwards. It wasn't on its side when it was finished attacking these nearby ants.
  3. MedinBurnic

    0.22221 Uber Mole Cricket doesn't fight back? Bugs/Troubleshooting

    Ok so, this happened twice to me. It happened during freeplay where two crickets were fighting the cricket however, the cricket didn't fight back. Then, today I tried it on the battle arena vs the Slave Makers and the same issue happened.