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    January 2022 Newsletter

    A newsletter for the start of the year! Velvet worms, pitcher plants, little black ants and lynx spiders - these wonders and more await you!
  2. MikeSlugDisco

    November 2021 Newsletter

    The final newsletter of the year is upon us! As well as going over the recent content reveals and a new winter-themed level coming soon, we have a little frank discussion about release timings for the fire ant update. Spoiler alert: we tried to hit this year before Christmas, but it's going to...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Red Velvet Ant in Action

    The red velvet ant (Dasymutilla occidentalis) is named for its appearance, but it is in fact a type of wingless wasp. It is colloquially called the "cow killer" for its infamously painful sting. When threatened, they will use this sting to defend themselves. It is exceptionally potent, and will...
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    Gamescom 2021 Fire Ant Demo Level Available Now! - 0.2313 Release

    We love events, but for obvious reasons we've so rarely been able to attend them recently. Enter the Gamescom 2021 Indie Arena Booth, an online event that is running from 25th-29th August! We have a booth in the virtual world, which you can visit with your 2D avatar. There's an NPC...
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    March 2021 Newsletter

    We’ve got another few Empires of the Undergrowth critters and some size comparisons from the upcoming fire ant update to show you in this edition of the newsletter. We’ve also done an engine upgrade which has had us banging our heads against our keyboards for the past few weeks! Those of you who...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Solenopsis invicta, the Red Imported Fire Ant

    The next major update for Empires of the Undergrowth will feature fire ants as its focal species. Solenopsis invicta is native to South America but has spread to many parts of the world. Here's our in-game model of the queen - in comparison to other species we have in the game, she's positively...