1. MikeSlugDisco

    Optional Beta 0.22111 - Freeplay AI Saving, Fixes

    We’ve made big strides towards getting the freeplay AI save-able, and we’re at the point where we could do with some extra feedback before we declare it good to go. This opt-in beta build adds saving to freeplay games with AI colonies, which should make them much more viable in a long game. If...
  2. MikeSlugDisco

    Beta Testing - 0.2112 - Balance In All Things Freeplay

    Freeplay beta is more balanced than ever before. Not quite perfectly, as all things should be, but it's getting there. This beta patch includes several fixes, some new freeplay features and optimisations! This is an update for the currently running optional beta. If you're not participating in...
  3. MikeSlugDisco

    Leafcutter Freeplay / Christmas Level Beta NOW!

    Merry Christmas all! We've got an optional beta build for testing the freeplay leafcutters & reworked freeplay setup ready for those that would like to help us test. We also have a very festive special level for you to try! WARNING: This is a beta build and the new movement code still needs to...
  4. W

    Workers Useless

    It's sad to constat when you play in freeplay mode or other, you need to have more soldiers than workers at the begin if you want to survive. The workers are too weak for fight against all dangers. But in the wild, they have 1 soldiers for 15-20 workers. It's possible to make this more...