screenshot saturday

  1. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - Red Velvet Ant in Action

    The red velvet ant (Dasymutilla occidentalis) is named for its appearance, but it is in fact a type of wingless wasp. It is colloquially called the "cow killer" for its infamously painful sting. When threatened, they will use this sting to defend themselves. It is exceptionally potent, and will...
  2. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - The Great Blue Skimmer

    It's time to show another model from the Empires of the Undergrowth fire ant update, and reveal a species. Hovering over the swamps of North Carolina will be the great blue skimmer (Libellula vibrans), a large dragonfly that can reach a titanic 63mm in body length! It's native to much of the...
  3. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - Solenopsis invicta, the Red Imported Fire Ant

    The next major update for Empires of the Undergrowth will feature fire ants as its focal species. Solenopsis invicta is native to South America but has spread to many parts of the world. Here's our in-game model of the queen - in comparison to other species we have in the game, she's positively...
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    Screenshot Saturday

    This is the thread for the weekly Ecosystem screenshot Saturdays! As it stands individual threads are just making a mess of the forums so everything will be in here. Tom has put some work into pathfinding for the creatures recently, allowing them to explore cave systems which they can't...
  5. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - Extremis

    Upcoming survival map Extremis (previously known as Holdout Extreme) has a unique unlock system - upon defeat, you will be given points to spend on unlocking ants and abilities for your next attempt! Extremis will be just one of what we hope will be many extra missions that are apart from the...
  6. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - Holdout Extreme

    A work-in-progress of Holdout Extreme - a unique level that will be one of the regular extra missions! It'll be similar to the current demo level Holdout but with some special twists! Some of you will have seen John developing it in his Twitch livestreams. More details in the newsletter coming...
  7. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Sunday - Babysitting

    Time for Screenshot Saturday Sunday! Here's a pre-decoration shot of the overground section of one of the extra missions John is working on. Pre-decoration means it's yet to have its art pass done to it, to add visual details like texture variation, plants and stones. In this level, you'll...
  8. MikeSlugDisco

    Screenshot Saturday - Nine Shades of Ant

    As with last week, a simpler Screenshot Saturday given the imminent major update for Empires of the Undergrowth. We've added in a few new colour selections for starter colonies. Personally, we think the grey and pink look particularly great on the Formica ereptor queen!