A fun extra mode


Ecosystem Beta Tester
So I heard that there are some rove beetles or beetles that live within ant colonies and grip onto the ants, so maybethere could be a gamemode where they have to survive a certain amount of time by going around and hanging around ants, getting their pheromone, which makes you not get attacked. And if you stray too far from the nest or ant you lose the pheromone, making them attack you attack immediately. I think the main goal would be helping the ants a bit like helping them build bridges by hanging onto the ants legs and gripping onto objects when they’re building objects or bivouacs, (in the case of fire ants or army ants), after staying around for a certain amount of time like 720 seconds you win and you finish the level, a few challenges would be invading colonies and the entirety of the ant swarm going out of the nest, so you would need the reaction time skills and the ability to maneveour the nest. Maybe the actions that you can do with your pretend ant could come in the form of buttons like the hungry spider gamemode?