Aggrandise "Dead Chambers"

After this latest update that added the new level Extremis I went back to try Aggrandise and found the map to be changed. There used to be a wall between the giant whip spider and the queen and I'm assuming that it was removed to make it easier for the spider to come and kill the queen, I am fine with this change if that is the case but I have come across some issues because of the missing wall.

When I sent my ants to the Army ant chamber in the upper right the ants went through the whip spider lair activated it and i lost. No big deal the next time I tried to go the the Army Ants I just used 2 wave points one in the upper right corner and then one to the Army Ants. Doing this made them avoid the whip spider (WS from now on) but the reinforcements still went through the WS chamber and activated it and it killed the queen. Huh..... ok. So I tried again this time I made sure I had no food, no food means no reinforcements so they cant go through the WS chamber once I lead the army the long way. The WS got activated when they returned with the food even though I swear I put them on do not attack once they killed the army ants. So failure again.

So I did a little experiment. I had the first 3 worker ants go through the chamber from above the army ant room and while they got attacked and killed, however the spider did seem to go dormant again once the ants were dead. Tried this a few times with one or 2 ants and while the spider turned around and killed them it didn't come after the Queen. So i tried creating a group of about 30 workers and got them once again to above the army ant room. I put them on do not attack and dismissed the pheromone marker to simulate them bringing back food from the Army Ant room ( they always take the most direct route doing this from what i can tell). Even on do not attack the spider activated and started killing them and I suppose since there was a big group of them it followed them down and then seemed to become fully active and go after the Queen.

So as far as I can tell any decent group of ants getting food from the Army Ant chamber ( and I assume the chamber with the cricket, coach horse beetle and white beetle will activate the WS on the way back to the nest with food making them "Dead chambers" so to speak. Am I missing something? If im not and this is a real issue now with this level perhaps a good compromise to make sure the WS can still get the queen would be to put a diggable piece of wall in the top 2 corners of its chamber so the ants will have to go the long way until you dig those tiles out yourself.


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We're aware of this issue. An update is coming that will effectively block off the back entrances to the whip spider chamber until the player opens them (so the pathfinding won't try to pass through her chambers) and move her back further so she isn't so easily hit by stray workers.

Expect the next update towards the end of the month - the level designer is currently taking some paternity leave. In the meantime, make sure your workers in the nest group are set to not attack so if they wander too close they won't initiate combat and pay close attention to where ant trails are sent (the line drawn on the floor when you move a pheromone marker)