Alright, so in the aftermath of the full release, here are some small suggestions to furnish this already incredible game!

-Multiple teams for battle arena, like in ARBS (Team 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc)

-Bring back underground Battle Arena, but keep the surface one too!

-Add mole crickets, tiger beetle larvae, trapdoor spiders, and other "unorthodox" enemies to freeplay

-Make it possible to decide titan and uber spawn rate

-Make titans attack other titans and bugs that aren't titans

-Add slave maker raids, army ants, driver ants, and stink ants as optional enemies in freeplay
Stink ants would be fun, but driver and Eciton army ants would take away the conflict with other colonies. It would be a fun idea for sure, but those armies also provide no incentive for attacking them (or helping rival colonies in the effort against them) unless they somehow interrupted usual business. Would love to see Slug Disco try it though