An argument for adding army, driver, stink, and trapjaw ants to freeplay

Petition for Slug Disco to add these

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Slug Disco has said the reason you can't play as these ants is because they don't make underground nests or follow pheromone markers. However, if they were added as unique colonies in freeplay, that would be a moot point, as freeplay already has ereptors(which don't exist) and you can put fire ants, leafcutters, wood ants, and matabele ants in the swamp along with enemies from all over the world that shouldn't go together. Realism doesn't exist in freeplay.

Now, you can play as some of these with the counterpart colony, but you can't have only one of these types of ant, meaning if you want to fight only trapjaws that's not going to happen as the AI will use all the ants from the counterpart colony.

Essentially, it would make the game a lot more fun and add more options for players, which I see no downsides to. And pretty much everyone wants this, from what I've seen.

As a final thought, bullet ants and leafcutter super majors should also be available for freeplay, for the same reason.
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Bullet ants and leaf cutters both can be used for free play. Other than that, I agree with you though. I think just reusing the Ereptor models for worker and queen and having the given colony only spawn that type of soldier is perfectly fine (and driver ants even have their own worker already in game). Though, stink ants are 300 food, so some rebalance will have to be done to make it playable.