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There's a new Empires of the Undergrowth extra level available now! In Baby Sitting, you have an AI-controlled sister colony. They're very plucky, but not that bright. You'll have to make sure they don't bite off more than they can chew and keep them out of trouble! Both queens must survive to win the level. To find the new level, choose "Other Modes" from the main menu, then "Extra Levels". Good luck!

Note: your game client will not need to update for this level to be unlocked.

What did you think of this level? It's the first time we've had an ally colony - and in this case we made a point about it being a bit of a dope. It's going to send its forces to help you fend off those tiger beetles, even if it means getting slaughtered by spiders camping their entrance! The whole point of the mission is, much like baby sitting a young child, to make sure it doesn't find a way to kill itself.

What did you think of it? Too easy, too hard? Want to slap the level designer upside the chops? This is the place to discuss.

(thanks to @antlover19 for reminding me to post about it here!)
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It's been a whole lot more easy with the new changes. I have been able to beat it consistently on Hard mode with a good strategy. Going to work on Insane after this weekend.


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Tried the new insane difficulty on babysitting:
Me and my very brave (but not very clever) AI ally somehow survived everything?
It appears the mission result screen does not show when going back to main menu from any non-formicarium mission when using "play more" when mission is won?

Maybe fun idea: uber glow for food items gained from harvesting ubers?
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