Beetles Rise Up Sequel


The current "Beetles Rise Up!" extra level is lacking in strategy. To fix this problem, I propose a sequel for the level. Since I have stuff to do however, I will not flesh out the suggestion and instead only speak of my ideas for this remake.
  • You start with humble woodworms, which will serve as tanks for the future predators like praying mantises adding more strategy to the level. There can also be some woodworms later on for more professional tanking.
  • Multiple pheromone groups should be usable, and you should also be able to switch attack on and off. Additionally, all TYPES of beetles are their own group, so you can move, for example, woodworms into group one so they can tank the most.
  • This map can be on the surface and underground, with the cool swamp fauna to fight and flora for decoration. T4 stuff will be fought later on though, and they will also be guarding more beetles for the satisfaction.
  • You should be able to upgrade types of beetles with points, these points will be earned by unlocking beetles and killing predators. After about fifteen stars or so, beetles can become uber creatures.
  • Maybe even the woodworm??? Flashes back to the cult