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Freeplay beta is more balanced than ever before. Not quite perfectly, as all things should be, but it's getting there. This beta patch includes several fixes, some new freeplay features and optimisations! This is an update for the currently running optional beta.

If you're not participating in the optional beta and would like to, follow the instructions in the original beta post for details of how to participate. You'll need to be running the game on Windows and through Steam.

Full patch notes for beta update 0.2112 are detailed below:

General Fixes
  • Some funnel web tile surfers on Baby Sitting will now correctly spawn when your ally tunnels them out.
  • Moved all pebbles of walkable area in the original spider level
  • Fixed more pathing issues to do with ramps (some issue that arose on Baby Sitting and other areas)
  • Fixed an issue where if an enemy died on top of a tile that used to be a cavern it would be un-harvestable
  • Minor optimisation in ant eggs
  • Ice plants in Baby Sitting no longer block clicks
  • Prevented creatures from hanging out within the ant nest tunnel where they cannot be attacked or attack (both on surface and underground)
  • Shortened text on score screen of a bonus multiplier that was overlapping the score
  • Fixed an issue where if graphics setting were changed during some particle effects, then they would exist forever
  • Fixed an aesthetic issue with leafcutter minor’s attack animation loop
  • Several optimisations for pathing and location functions
  • Overground minimap will now stop flashing if tabbing to the overground
  • When trying to place a marker in an un-pathable underground zone it will try and snap to a neighbouring pathable tile, if this fails and error sound plays
  • Fixed a visual error with the wood ant projectile splash
  • Players can now place markers on ramps via the minimap
  • Minor optimisations to do with marker placement
  • Optimisation added to repathing due to tunnelled out tiles
  • Optimisation added in various areas that required a calculated path length
  • Fixed an issue where loaded minims would immediately drop their leaves
  • Saved plant climbers will now correctly harvest when they reach there harvest points
  • Fixed an issue where climbers could load stuck climbing a plant and in the wrong place (and unstuck and saved stuck ones)
  • Fixed an issue where creatures could exit the maps from the position they were standing (and hence could just ping out of existence)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes right clicking the minimap would not draw the path of a marker on the surface
  • Infestation landmark now obeys disabled creature fighting
  • Fixed victory / defeat animations in Embankment
  • Moved a log outside of play area on Embankment
  • Harvestman severed legs will now save and load with a visual mesh and will no longer walk around on their own when loaded
  • Minor leaf cosmetic changes in Embankment
  • Rounded victory condition goals to nearest whole number
  • Deletion jobs for full refuse tiles are now correctly saved and loaded
  • Default difficulty is now 20%
  • The time period where the player does not get invaded in freeplay now slowly allows invasions based on a weighted dice roll (first 10 minutes no large creature invasions, next 10 minutes moving from very few, to normal amount by the end)
  • Added a “Play Difficulty” that affects multiple things including:
    • Constant difficulty max and ramp rates in difficulty
    • Extends grace periods before ubers can spawn and enemy creatures can attack
    • Wave sizes
    • Difficulty increase due to victory condition getting close
    • Score multipliers added for the above
  • Swarms of creatures should no longer hang around nest entrances of active players
  • 25% increased spawn rate of landmarks when playing as leafcutters (slightly more leaves)
  • Ubers will not invade a player nest until they have existed on the map for eight minutes, then it is up to them!
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