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Hi guys.

We're approaching a point where we can get Freeplay mode out, without the saving functionality. After some internal discussion we feel our closed beta testing group isn't going to be big enough for feedback for this one, since it's a complete unknown and such a hugely randomised game mode that balancing it is going to be really tricky.

So, we're going to open up a beta branch on Steam to owners who don't mind testing. There are some important caveats, please read:

  • THERE IS NO SAVING YET. This is the most important one - Freeplay mode will eventually be save-able since we intend games to last several hours, but for the purposes of the beta, this functionality is not yet available. If you'd like to play a long game, please clear some time for it!
  • There will be crashes and glitches. Our usual approach has been to really polish things before making them publicly available but in a beta things are different.
  • Some deep fundamental changes to the way the game works means that other things may be broken - including the current campaign levels and formicarium mode. We would appreciate testing on these too.
  • Whilst you are welcome to post ideas and suggestions, we are mainly interested in balance and bug fixing at this point. So please do not think your ideas are being ignored (we always read everything, even if we can't reply to everything) but for the sake of beta we are looking to fix the build, not expand upon it.
  • This is not technically an "open" beta, but a beta that is available to all current Steam owners of the game. You will need to own a copy of the game activated on Steam to participate.

This will happen in the next few days. A code will be given out on our Steam forums (and here) that people can activate to access the beta branch - instructions for those unsure how to do that will be included in the post.


Re: Open Beta - Freeplay Mode

Will this be separate from our stable builds of the game, or will it replace our stable builds? I don't mind restarting if it crashes my formicarium and has me start over, but someone else might be annoyed.


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Yea there will be. We have just opened it up to our closed beta testers. We will post patch notes / change log just before we open it up to people.


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For now, yes. You can post suggestions of course but we won't be addressing them until we have Freeplay out of beta.