Bug, tasks not completing even after victory

so in the upper left corner that even though I've got all the three stars, some tasks are still noted as uncompleted (my screenshot has very low resolution so you can't see but I thnik it should be easy to replicate as it happens all the time)
I'm not very familiar with this forum system. But I don't see a way to get a full resolution version of that image. Its like 100x200 for me. If you want, you could email it to support@iocanegames.com.
Which mission?
It's not the forum, it's my screenshot, my computer is not the best
I don't think I'll get a better screenshot but you should be able to replicate it, it is on the first mission, you just need to complete the 3 stars and look on the top left corner, the "finish in less than x minutes" are noted incompleted
and with the forum you can quote someone by clicking reply, on the down right corner of their post, aside with like, it will tell the user that you quoted them and allows you to be sure they answer


There is one bug for sure -- that is when you're repaired all, but have repair points left -- and the last repairs were crew casualties. It will have the skip repairs button still there, which just click and go on about allocation round.