Can't upgrade my formicarium ants with royal jelly without seeing them in the wiki: I don't see any wiki.

I've been watching Empires of the Undergrowth for a while during its development cycle. I finally got my hands on it and am currently nearing the second major challenge. Here's the problem: in order to upgrade the ants, you need to upgrade their tier with royal jelly. However, it won't let me upgrade them regardless of what I do unless I see their entry in the encyclopedia/wiki. That's my problem: I can't find any wiki, nor can I do anything about it. All I can upgrade are basic stats like attack, damage, range, speed, etc. Now, this is a major problem because I have a shit ton of food stockpiled and can't use it to upgrade my ant population since I need to get them to another tier. I now have Wood Ants, and yet I still can't upgrade them. Please help me, for this is highly irritating.


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Can you provide a screencap from when you click on a tier upgrade of an ant in the upgrade menu? (Click on the 2 yellow shards for level 2, as level 1 is always unlocked.)
1. The wiki is not even implemented yet, are you sure it is said anywhere that you need to click the wiki to do it? A lot of people can do it normally on youtube.
2. Did you click the part I highlight with red below, it allows your ants to be upgraded to level 2 and 3?

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