Carnivorous plants


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Aren't the carnivorous plants a bit under represented in the new missions? I don't feel like they pose any threat, hinder my progress or provide a good food source.
So, according to my testing, this is how the pitcher plants work:
1. Ants have low chance to survive pitcher plants. If the spiders are there, the surviving chance stacks on each other and becomes lower, I think. I haven't seen any ants surviving both, but I've seen ants avoiding the spider and falling into the pit.
2. 90 seconds after being touched, the plants generate 20 more food. If they are completely depleted, they can't make any more food.
3. So I guess, to actually harvest from pitcher plants, you must use a small constant stream of ants, first, to get pass RNG check and second, to stall for the plants to generate food.
I play Cold Blood for over an hour, and I don't see flytraps opening any more after they are activated, they stop being a threat after the first encounter. I think it's the same with sundews, but everything is flooded in A Bridge Too Far so I can't verify that.
Should there be a buff to make pitcher plants generate more constantly? And is the thing with flytraps a bug?
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