Change Log 0.1141 - Crash Fixes


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Developer of EotU
Please note we are still making the build for Mac and Linux. We will update this message once it is available. This is a very small patch that fixes a couple of the most major issues (and a typo).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a major bug that caused loading to sometimes create duplicate ants. These ants did not die when their tiles were deleted.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the above duplicated ants attempting to assign themselves to deleted tiles (this is what has been causing the formicarium load crash)
  • Fixed a crash on game startup caused by loading time taking longer than 30s. We have now allowed 60s for the game to start up before it crashes. Please let us know if you are still having issues with this after the patch
  • Fixed an issue where Prevent Gather tooltip would display the hot key for Remove Marker


Launching on a friday and spending the weekend doing hotfixes sure shows some dedication! Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to many updates :D