Cold Blood Insane Early Game


After playing Cold Blood on insane exactly 60 times now, I'm pretty sure I can say I'm an expert at the start of the first day, a fine player at the rest of the first day, and a novice at the rest of the level. This is only a tutorial for the start of the game, which is almost solely based on aphids, which I have basically mastered now. This strategy is a different employment of a guide Solstitium gave me, which works faster (at least in my testing) and relies on less RNG. I call it the six workers strategy.
  1. On the scene before the level, move your mouse to the left gray dot under the Pheidole ant's right antennae.
  2. As soon as the level starts, click once. Place a worker right next to the queen, while the first tile is still digging. Excavate two more tiles right under the one you excavated before, and two more to the left of that one.
  3. As soon as the path to the entrance is done, send the seven crown workers there to gather food.
  4. While that's happening, make four food stores right next to the entrance, at the bottom. Make seven workers right below and left of your queen too, then excavate the entrance.
  5. Once the entrance is excavated, switch off both attack and gather for the crown workers, and immediately send them to the west of the LBA to gather the seven aphids there. If there are spiders or beetles, go to around. If a spider kills you anyway, restart. Send the non-crown group of seven workers to gather from the aphids next to your nest.
  6. Once those workers have gathered all the food from that plant, immediately send them north of the Pheidole to gather their seven aphids while making sure attack and gather is off. If the crown workers accidentally engage with the LBA, enable attack to kill the enemies, then disable it after. If an ant dies anyway, restart. If an ant from the non crown group dies (most likely from a tiger beetle), also restart.
  7. As soon as the crown workers are back, enable gather for them and gather the milkweed next to your colony once again. You should begin placing vigorous soldiers at this point.
  8. Once they have gathered that, send them to gather the five aphids south of your nest. Multiple trips are fine, especially since a spider or beetle might pick off your ants.
  9. Once the non crown workers are back with the aphids, use them to gather the food from the milkweed once again. While this is happening, use your soldiers to kill the checkered beetle larva to the east of your queen. Use the food to make more soldiers.
  10. You should have eight soldiers by now, again turn attack and gather off for them and use them to gather the aphids south of the Pheidole. They should be able to outrun the swarm of workers the enemy colony sends. If they engage though, restart.
  11. A point in time will arrive at the end of the day where there are almost no enemies in the north. Use this time to gather the pinecone west of the bullfrog with all of your soldiers. If this point in time has already arrived, restart. If there are still plenty of enemies, then you can use this time well to unlock groups of larvae. When the enemies start clearing, send your forces out.
That sums up all I know about Cold Blood on insane.
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