Community Newsletters


Before the fire ant update, the line of newsletters ended in march. No may newsletter or june newsletter, because nothing else could have been spoiled. This is why it's time to suggest: community newsletters! These newsletters will be not about the next updates at all, as you don't want to spoil anything, but instead about the community itself and how the game's been doing. These newsletter themes will come out whenever you don't want to spoil anything else but still want to make a newsletter. Possible things to talk about:
  • Milestones of the game's popularity
  • Player's responses to previous updates
  • Results of optional beta testing
  • The greatest things the ICS has completed
  • Releases of previous extra levels
  • Stuff in previous newsletters, summarised
  • Extra shots with already spoiled content
  • Things the ICS has figured out are actually helpful (pitcher plants)
  • Planned changes for already released content