Counterpart colony ants separated

Trap jaw ants perhaps, but with a very low chance. Army ants, as much as they seem fun to play as a fully fledged species, they can't fit into the system because instead of excavating normally, they create nests out of bivouacs, which means they use ants in their own colony to create nests and are basically living bricks, it would take some serious monumental effort to code it into the game, and just for 1 single species doesn't seem worth it, plus they need to create a queen model and they have absolutely massive colonies. Slave makers are more likely for an extra level where your task is to steal eggs and pupae of another ant colony of the genus Formica (most likely black ants) and raise them as their own, although that would just be a single extra level and would be hard enough to code, but in freeplay where people can play as it forever is bound to be much harder, plus with a lot of bugs (no pun intended) to fix.