Couple of bugs (No pun intended, LOL)


Okay, so I found this game and I want to thanks the devs for starting an interesting project like this and I see it has a lot of potential and excited to see how it develops. Hopefully I can back it some day to help it grow.

Anyways, that aside... Skimming through some of the bugs, I can't find my problem. I see my ants are a little on the brain dead side. I send them out to start digging through to a food area, they finish digging and pick up some food on their way back to the queen and then they don't return for the rest of the food laying there. I have to send them back to break another tile, they pick up some more food on their way back and then never return for the rest.

Same thing with my black soldier ants... The pheromone doesn't work on them at all. They just hang around the queen after they hatch, no matter how many times I right click the pheromone somewhere, it doesn't do anything. Dig through to some evil bugs and then they just hang around there, just chilling around the queen. Bugs kill my workers on the way and then reach the queen and kill her. Soldier ants just stand back and watch her getting slaughtered. Probably thinking she deserved her fate after she made them work that hard, just chilling with a couple of mojitos. But seriously, that is a really bad bug if you look at it. Can't even get to completing the first stage.


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Make sure you're dragging your soldier / worker groups into the appropriate pheromone group. The ants will ignore pheromone markers if they're in the markerless group.