Demo Update

Hi - I downloaded the demo version from and then paid for the full version but don't see any way to update it after that. How do I know what the current version is? At the bottom of the main screen it says Easy Access .2131.

My kids don't recall which website...I've logged into all 4 potential sites. Steam and Epic show no record of a purchase, and Gog and Itch don't recognize my email. How can I determine this? I've checked my emails as well - nothing. We believe we paid for it in September of 2020. Using Windows.


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If you think you've purchased from one of those sources (and those are the only legitimate sources) then please contact them, there is nothing we can do. By the sounds of it, this was not a legit purchase.
OK, well, Itch is the only one that didn't require an account to purchase it, so that's why it wasn't recognizing my email. It did allow me to create an account, and when I did that, it tied my email with my purchase of EotU. I'm going to try and download it again from their site, unless you have a suggestion on how to do that without losing previous saves?